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MOCHA Margie Blouse With Bottom Ruffles (Size 2-22) PDF Pattern - 4 Kinds of Paper(A4, US Letter, A0, 36"x48")

The ruffles on the bottom of the blouse offers a comfortable and a charming fit. Due to the wide neckline it is extremely comfy to wear and take off. Because of the perfect length of the sleeves, the blouse can be styled and worn from spring to fall. The ruffles were designed placed below the chest that creates a slimming effect with a great comfortable fit. The length of the blouse is just long enough to cover the hip. Moreover, the top can be matched with any bottoms from leggings to jeans! it's your choice! The project will take around 2~3 hours, although it will differ for each individual and skills. Start this beginner friendly project without buttons and zippers!


Woman's Kimono Shoes PDF Pattern

The process of making these women's room shoes is fairly simple because like mary janes they have no laces. Although the upper overlapping part is a bit tough to sew through due to its thickness, overall these shoes can be made without too much effort. Quilting cotton is used for both the inner and outer fabrics of the purple shoes, and linen is used for the outer fabric of the beige shoes; in both shoes fusible fleece is used for the interfacing. Intermediate or beginner sewers that have no difficulty sewing curves will be able to make these shoes without problem.


Elina Backpacks (2 Sizes) PDF Pattern

The Elina Backpack is a classically designed backpack perfectly made for any students or casual carriers. Due to its numerous pocket space, you can easily pack the bag with all your school essentials in ease. Not only the pockets give space but also you can keep your belongings in organized fashion! The Elina Backpack is created for men, women, and children alike! The bag not only can be used as a school bag but also a great companion as a diaper bag. A wonderful project for anyone looking for a fantastically convenient yet stylish bag, start the Elina Backpack.


Magali Mini Backpack / Cross Bag PDF Pattern

The Magali Mini Backpack / Cross Bag is a unique compact travel friendly bag, designed to be carried across your body. With its stylish look and practical storage, this bag can carry all sorts of things without any worries! Thanks to its big pocket, the backpack touts a respectable amount of storage options for small belongings. It is recommended to use dark brown materials for a great natural look. A charming backpack; simply a great project for anyone looking for a convenient, and trendy bag! Magali Backpack now!


Mini Kiara Cross Bag PDF Pattern

The Kiara Bag is a compact bag with mini pockets everywhere! It is ideal for when you are travelling or simply going to the grocery store with minimal belongings. This compact bag has little storage spaces for you to hide your important essentials without worrying it being lost deep inside the bag. You won't have to rustle through it! A practical bag with an adorable yet sporty design! Go and start the Kiara Bag now!


Ellie Hobo Bag PDF Pattern

The Ellie Hobo Bag is a fantastically trendy bag for any season! A perfect project for anyone looking for a large and unique bag accented with fringes. Due to its large size, this tote can be used for travel, trips to the market, books, laptops and the most important essentials! With leftover fabrics, you can create a marvelous bag by patch working them together. A perfect companion for any season, for any reason, outfit yourself with this elegant, stylish and contemporary bag today! Patterns Includes: What you need Describes each step detailed with pictures Computer drawn accurate actual size patterns Letter/A4 paper size patterns, both available. Zipper pocket install instruction provided. Magnetic snap instruction provided.


(3M -24M) Fay Baby Blouse and Dress PDF Pattern

The Fay Blouse and Dress is a flowy summertime blouse for your little princess! With a comfy and voluminous design, it is ideal for going out on picnics and outdoor activities! Additionally, the bag comes in two lengths, in dresses and blouses! It is recommended to be made with flowy material or organic cotton to create a great natural look. Start the Fay Blouse and Dress today!


MOCHA Paulette Jacket PDF Pattern

The Paulette Jacket is a modern and simple coat. You may add buttons to your coat if you like, but no extra steps of zippers, buttons and snaps are needed. It is recommended to be made with heavy weight linen or thick wool material for the stiff and draped look. Finished with a facing, you Don't have to struggle with the thin lining fabric. Resulting the sewers to finish this wonderful piece within a few hours! Start the Paulette Jacket! A simple yet classic outer wear from spring to fall!

We have updated the patterns of 8 different Mocha patterns to include A0 paper size and have updated 3 patterns that are part of the Premium program to include the A0 paper size.
Tilly tank top is a circle style tank top and dress that is designed to be worn over the hot summer days. I also designed this pattern last year and kept it in my archive because the season was never right. I’m happy to finally share this pattern with all my sewers. This pattern has a circular design that allows the gown to drape elegantly. I think this design allows a lot of freedom when moving around, making it really comfortable and cool to wear in the summer. Wearing something breezy and easy to wear on a hot day is important! If you are looking for a unique and fun tank top to make in the summer, this one might be your next project.
I’ve designed this toddler backpack for mothers and mothers-to-be! It’s been years since I last designed a backpack for our toddler friends, so I’ve been keeping myself busy making a convenient little bag for your little one! All my other toddler backpacks had drawstring openings with a flap. But I noticed that toddlers have a difficult time tying things together and thought zippers might be better for the munchkins. With a zipper opening and a little pocket on the front of the bag, your toddler can surely keep all of their small belongings in an adorably neat fashion! Go and check out the toddler backpack while it is on sale!
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