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2 Compartments iPad/Tablet PC Corine Bag PDF Pattern

The Corine Bag is a casual sporty cross bag made for all genders of all ages. The ideal size of this bag makes it the perfect companion for outings as it is not too big, yet not too small! The bag can be made using various kinds of materials such as leather, suede, or any common cotton fabric. A light-weight bag that can be held all day, the Corine Bag was designed to be comfortable for the long haul. Start the Corine Bag today!


2 Compartments Jaylen Mini Camera Bag PDF Pattern

The Jaylen mini camera bag is a fun and convenient bag that is a great companion when your out and about! This compact bag is designed to fit your travel essentials, from sunscreen to your phone! Moreover, the double compartment design allows you to organize your belongings neatly and comfortably. The best part about this bag is that it is a mini camera bag, but can be used in any situation you choose! Start the Jaylen mini camera bag now!


Austin Sling Bag PDF Pattern

The Austin Sling Bag is a multipurpose bag designed for all men, women and children alike! Due to its multiple pockets and compact size, it is an ideal bag for travel and daily use. Also, the bag can be worn across the body by adjusting the strap length. The zipper pockets are great for storing and organizing small essentials! A comfy, convenient, and compact bag! A great companion for everyone! Start the Austin Sling Bag today!


Dillan Lunch Bag PDF Pattern

The Dillan Lunch Bag is an essential for school, work, or simply daily uses. The project is created for men, women, and children alike! Its large zipper opening helps fitting in large bottles to containers with ease. Making the lining with waterproof fabric can make it more endurable with accidental spills and leaks from your lunch. Due to its spacious interior and many pocket spaces it can fit all your lunch and snacks with no struggle. The Russel Lunch Bag was intended for young students, but because of its modern design it can be used in your office too! Start the Dillan Lunch Bag today!


Essie Zip Down Accordion Cross Bag PDF Pattern

The Essie Bag is a multipurpose cross bag with a convenient front pocket! Including a card pocket, a zipper divider pocket and more. With the handy front pocket, you can store your most used belongings with ease. With a compact yet spacious design, you can neatly carry your belongings in a organized way. In cotton, suede or any common fabric and you can still end up with a great result. A conveniently small companion! Start the Essie Bag today!


Falak Functional Bag & Gordan Travel Pouch Combo PDF Pattern - 40% Off

The Falak Bag is a casual boxy bag with an additional camera insert if you wish to use this bag as a camera bag. This bag is a versatile piece that can be used on many occasions, if you are a crafter, painter, or artist you can pack your art essentials in this spacious bag. Because of the pockets and large interior space, you can store items like little containers and even petite trinkets in a neat fashion. With the pockets on the side, front, and back you can keep your daily essentials like wallets and phones in a swift and convenient way. The Falak bag can become any bag you want! Start the Falak bag!

$23.88 $14.33

Floyd Travel Bag & Gordan Travel Pouch PDF Pattern Combo - 15% Off

Floyd Travel Bag & Gordan Travel Pouch PDF Pattern Combo- 15% Off!

$23.88 $20.30

Joanne Bag PDF Pattern

The Joanne Bag is a perfect bag for those in search of a small, yet practical bag. The bag's zipper keeps your belongings securely inside so that you Don't have to worry about anything falling out. Because it is a slim shoulder bag, it is ideal for wearing out on day-long trips where you only need to bring along a few essential items. This bag looks great with flats and any casual sunny day outfit! A unique, convenient, and stylish bag! Don't hesitate to start the Joanne Bag today!


Kyleigh Multi Casual Bag with Camera Insert Bag PDF Pattern

The Kyleigh Bag is a casual cross bag that is designed to be carried in multiple occasions. This project can be used as camera bag by adding inserts. Moreover, by removing the insert you can still use it conveniently with multiple interior and exterior pockets. Making it perfect for traveling with your gadgets and other belongings. The Kyleigh Bag is created for men, women, and children alike! Looking for a bag that can be used every day, can carry all your gadgets and belongings, but isn't too bulky? A casual everyday bag for everyone to use! Start the Kyleigh Bag now!


Pam Cross Bag PDF Pattern

The Pam Bag is a practically designed companion to hold almost anything and everything in your bag with security. This project has multiple pockets around the bag, in the bag, some hidden under and in-between which can come in handy for any occasions! This project can be a great bag as school bag or as a travel sack. A bag that is a must need when you want to keep your belongings equally accessible yet safe in a unique fashion. Start the Pam bag now!


Reese Camera Bag & Insert Bag PDF Pattern

The Reese Camera Bag is a utility bag for skilled sewers looking for a challenge and joy! Due to its great big space it can easily fit all your camera and gadgets in ease. This piece comes with an extra interior bag, specially designed for cameras and gadgets! Learn how to make foamed lining and detachable dividers and more. This piece can also be used as a casual everyday bag for all genders. Start the Reese Camera Bag today!


Tijuana Weekend Bag PDF Pattern (#1589)

The Tijuana Bag is a casual travel friendly piece designed for the summer season! Use leather to make the bottoms and corners more durable during travel! The bag's convenient pockets can easily store water bottles, beach towels, and more. The Tijuana bag is perfect for a beach bag, diaper bag, or just for traveling in general with provide portability and comfort. It can be made using various kinds of materials such as suede or any common cotton fabric. Moreover, this bag is designed for both convenience and charm! Start the Tijuana Bag today!