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2x the Double Sided Bag & New Envelop Bag!

23 February, 2021 - 0 Comments

Prudence Bag

This new bag I designed is an easy yet fun project you can make over the weekend. With baguette shaped bags back on trend, I designed an adorable mini baguette bag. This is perfect for the coming spring and summer season. I know it might be a bit early to celebrate, but it's never too early to sew something! 
Including two different sizes, you can choose whichever suits you… OR both! Moreover, this bag can be used on both front and back; want to achieve a chic and sophisticated look? You can use it on the pleated side! Maybe you prefer to emulate a simple style? That works too! Because of the simplicity, you might be able to create a collection full of baguette bags with different materials for unique outfits! What's also nice about this bag is that, with the two bag sizes, you can make a matching mini bag for your little one!
Tyne Bag - simple zippered closure instruction updated
This prism shaped bag is a great companion as an everyday bag. I designed this in mind with slightly heavy packers. Although this isn't suitable for the super heavy packers like if you like to carry your everyday belongings in one bag. The bag is also inspired by baguette bag style but it has a structured shape - allowing for more room for your belongings. With the compact design, you can carry this bag in a light fashion. 
The best part of this design is the envelope inspired patches and pointed flap. Making this bag casual friendly yet distinct from other patterns was a hard process. A new method of assembling the zipper closure has been added to the instructions for the Tyne Bag. If you want to try something new you should definitely try this new bag out. 
If you want to get a discount for both bags, you can get both of these for 35% off. While you can only get 20% off when you get them separately.
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