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What is the Contest?
Spotlight Your Creation
The iThinksew Contest is a way you can spotlight your designs immediately just by participating. Your design will be featured on the Pattern of the Contest with a mock up that allows people to see your design in action! Earn the votes with your spectacular design now!
Commercialize Your Design
Through your spotlighted creation you will earn votes during the contest and with enough votes you may get the chance to commercialize your design with us with no prior investment besides your own unique design. Join the contest and become a designer for iThinksew now!
Not a Designer?
Even if you are not a designer, you can earn many benefits from participating in the iThinksew Contest. Check out the rewards for you further below!
Why Participate?
Earn Buttons
You can earn buttons by voting for any design that you are interested in for any contest. Button points can be used to purchase patterns on our websites! Vote in a contest and earn your rewards now!
Chance to Earn Cashable Rewards
Not interested in any of our patterns? You may still have the chance to earn a cashable reward. With repeated participation through the contests you'll have the chance to recieve the cashable reward. Get started on your progress now!
iThinkSew Reservation
Reservation is an easy way to keep your spot in the line! If the entry wins the contest, you will be among the first people to be able to purchase the product. Once the contest is over, you will receive a special email confirming your reservation. Reservations are a sure way so you don’t lose your spot when the design is commercially ready to be sold on a limited scale.

All reservations are completely FREE and you can leave at anytime.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Contest?
The contest is a unique and easy way to start your new career in design! We are always looking for new fabric designs and new methods to further help crafters become better equipped to sell their creations.
Who can vote for the contest?
Anyone! Invite your friends, families, and not-so-close friends to vote for your submission to win the contest!
What happens when I win the contest?
Winners will be able to commercialize their design through iThinkSew. We will utilize your design in our next upcoming project.
How much will I earn?
This is up for negotiations! We want to help designers around the world to start their career easy as possible but also to be profitable along the way. All winners will be reached out separately at the end of the contest.
What are the Rewards?
There are several! Voters and Designers will all receive something special for the participation.

- Cashable Coupons – Get exclusive cashable coupons (once per contest) for every vote you do. These coupons can either be used to purchase iThinkSew patterns at a discount or you can simply cash in (available on later date).

- Buttons – Get free Buttons for simply participating!
- Referral – Share the voting page to your friends and family – for every new member that votes get 35 extra Buttons!

- Free Pattern of Choice – Upload any design and get access to any free pattern of choice (restricted to iThinkSew patterns only).
- Buttons – Get free Buttons for simply participating!
Still Got Questions?