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iThinksew is a one-of-a-kind sewing company started for the purpose of selling excellent online PDF patterns for every sewers around the world. Founded in the summer of 2007 in Canada, iThinkSew has grown and flourished into a well-known company among members of the sewing community. iThinkSew has cooperated with several sewing companies in the past including Quilter’s World and Simplicity patterns, releasing some of our most popular baby shoes and bag patterns such as Black Lily.

iThinkSew had our first two major publications in 2011. In August 2011, One-Yard Wonders will publish the second book to their One-Yard Wonders series, Fabric-by-Fabric One-Yard Wonders: 101 Sewing Projects, featuring a select few of iThinkSew's bag, baby items, and baby shoes patterns. iThinkSew will also be publishing our very own sewing book in partnership with C&T publishing, entitled Modern Classics. The publication date for this book is set as September or October 2011. For more information about our publishs check out this page.

iThinkSew offers a wide selection of unique items with user-friendly patterns and instructions, and our products are unmatched when it comes to their fresh style and modern design. Currently offering over 1000 sewing patterns, ranging from a variety of bags and clutches to room shoes, baby shoes, and other baby items, iThinkSew continues to grow. iThinkSew has recently started releasing patterns and instructions with a Spanish option, and we are always working on the creation of a new product to share with sewers like you. As all IThinkSew items are individually designed by our founder and hand-crafted by our staff, the quality of each of our products reflects the extra care and effort put into its creation process.

The friendly staff at iThinkSew value your thoughts and feedback on our items, and we thank you for your continual support. Email us with any questions or concerns at: Come and join!

From the iThinkSew Team

Bags,the Modern Classics
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Our Brands
Introducing our two brands here at iThinksew, MOCHA and MOCOZI!

MOCHA is our very own apparel brand that will please any sewer who wish to make their own clothing! From shirts, to blouses, you can find the perfect fit just for your here with MOCHA patterns!

MOCOZI is a curated collection of three of our patterns that were revised and updated to be convenient and easier to use. With tips and tricks about sewing each of our patterns!

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