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Title Image of #11 Alligator Print Vegan Leather (YH037-#2109)




#11 Alligator Print Vegan Leather (YH037-#2109)


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Size: 12.5" x 8.5" (22cm x 30cm) or 52" x 9" (132cm x 22.8cm)

Color Code: #11

With various colors and an accurate feeling, the vegan leather we are sourcing is half the thickness of competitive products and is easier on home sewing machines. The material fits perfectly with other fabric and is also a perfect fit to make handles. The metallic color is especially beautiful and it invigorates me every time to start a new project. The leather is not restricted just to sewing projects though since it is also great for refurbishing furniture. The leather utilizes a special finish to express that authentic feel while thanks to its lightweight nature, can be stitched using any sewing machines and the product can be shipped folded instead of rolled saving shipping & handling while protecting the product from any damage. 

This vegan leather can be used for bags, wallets, accessories, hair bows, shoes, gloves, school project, scrapbooking,  refurbishing furniture and much more.

Gently hand wash/wipe material.

Recommended by Sue Kim

*   When the product is shipped, it will be sent in a folded package. As such, there may be slight fold lines on the material when opening it. In my experience, fold lines disappear when you place a heavy object, such as a book, for an extended duration to unfold it. If you would prefer to have it shipped unfolded, please contact us ( with the order ID and we can recalculate the shipping & handling to accurately reflect this.

* The materials are shipped from South Korea and may take up to 10 to 15 business days for delivery. This depends on the destination & shipping traffic for that month (e.g., Christmas and other global holidays may take longer).

* Those customers who purchase 8 or more will receive it in two separate packages. 

* Colors may appear a little different depending on the monitor you are using.

* Please note that a 1 yard of this product is heavier than the average fabric and as such the shipping cost will vary depending on the volume of the order.

You may review this pattern once you purchase it.