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Title Image of 5 Yards Electrostatic PP non-woven - 80g (#2786)



Material Fabric Disposable Mask Non-Woven


Material Fabric Disposable Mask Non-Woven

5 Yards Electrostatic PP non-woven - 80g (#2786)


Litimited Quantity Available.

Please check shipping information before you check out.

Dimension: 90cm x 450cm (5 Yards)
Weight: 80g / m2


Electrostatic Polypropylene non-woven is an SGS approved material that can act as a filter alternative. It is often used in masks, hospital gowns, and diapers and has no chemicals or substance that are harmful to the human body. For those of you who cannot find filters at the moment, electrostatic PP non-woven is a good alternative for a filter with 2 to 3 different layers within the mask.

This material is the source for masks used by POSCO (world's 5th largest steelmaker) employees when producing their products.
The material is produced and approved in South Korea. 

We were only able to source limited amounts of the material. Furthermore, the nature of the situation is causing a huge fluctuation in pricing. We will continue to keep you updated on our inventory status on this material.

  • Electrostatic PP Non-woven (not a Melt Brown Filter)
  • It is often used for medical purpose.
  • SGS approved
  • FiTi(Korea) approved
  • No Refund
  • Made in South Korea

NOTE: This is NOT a filter nor is it a medical face mask replacement.

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The items are shipped from South Korea with EMS shipping. Only EMS(Express Mail) is available at this moment.
We will ship the products ASAP once the order is confirmed.

U.S. West coast and central North America can expect the package now in about 5 to 10 business day. The U.S. Eastern region can expect the package now in about 8 to 12 business day. All postal services  stopped to Hawaii.

Canada Eastern region delay upto 1 month. And post service temporary stopped to Canada West region - AB, BC, SK, Yukon, North West Territories, Edmonton

Please click here to check detail shipping information and other post service stopped countries.

If you have any question, please contact us through Facebook page.

Additional Information

There was a recent experiment done in Korea regarding these filters that found these filters to be very similar in function to those sold in the public.
Refer to this video for more information (turn on CC):


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