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Title Image of Washable Nano Mask Filter - 5 Yards (#2997)




Washable Nano Mask Filter - 5 Yards (#2997)


Litimited Quantity Available.

Dimension: 90cm x 450cm (5 Yards) or 90cm x 900cm (10 Yard)
Color: White
Weight: 33g / 1Yard


I’ve discovered a new filter and the great news is that it can be washed! Multiple times! It can be washed 20 times and if you clean it with alcohol it can be done up to 30 times! One of the most asked questions from my customers is if our previous filter substitutes were washable or reusable. This new filter can be washed dried and reused multiple times helping you save cost and waste! If you are looking for a new filter or material to use for your homemade mask, definitely go and check out this filter!

  • Mask Filter
  • Breathable
  • Washable/Reusable
  • High Efficiency
  • N95 Level Filter Performance
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Made in South Korea
  • No Refund / No Cancel
  • Wash it gently, and do not twist or force it to squeeze out the water.

The material is produced and approved in South Korea.

* Notes on Washing the Material
When washing, it can be used after washing with a neutral detergent or running water. You can also use it after dipping it in alcohol. Wash it gently, and do not twist or force it to squeeze out the water.

Washable Nano Filter for Masks

Introducing a mask filter that you can wash and reuse! The filter performs similarly to the N95 masks but unlike the N95 variants this one can be reused up to 20 times. Existing mask filters are made of polypropylene (PP), making the fabrics into a non-woven form. By exposing this to high voltage and electrostatic energy, it connects the materials together to form a filter.
Nano filters utilize a thinner material to create the fabric. In addition, instead of using electrostatic energy, the materials are physically brought together creating a strong filter layer. Traditional filters would lose its filter quality after it becomes wet since the static energy keeping the filter together becomes weaker. However, nano filters are brought together in a tight way that cannot be brought apart by water.
The nano fibers used in nano filters are an average thickness of 190 nanometer(average), which is around 1/500 of a hair’s thickness. Nano filters can filter out against fine materials as small as 0.7μm. In the case of N95 masks, they protect against materials of 1μm by 95% and is also effective against smaller objects down to 0.3μm. The size of the coronavirus is said to be around 0.1μm, but when it comes out of humans, it comes out in the form of an aerosol with a size of 5μm or more. The nano filters can expect similar performance to N95 masks – especially in preventing disease from spreading.

N95 Mask filter Nano Filter

The above image depicts the two different filters that were exposed to 0.3μm of fine dust. By utilizing a SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy), both materials were observed under 5000x magnification. You can see that both filters effectively stopped the fine dust from coming in.

More information - Article- Reusable/Washable Advanced New nano filter technology from South Korea

* We will try our best to deliver the Nano Filter as 1 uncut package, however there could be circumstances where it comes in two cut pieces.

We were only able to source limited amounts of the material. Furthermore, the nature of the situation is causing a huge fluctuation in pricing. We will continue to keep you updated on our inventory status on this material.

Please check shipping information before you buy this product. The items are shipped from South Korea with EMS shipping. Only EMS(Express Mail) is available at this moment.


The items are shipped from South Korea with EMS shipping. Only EMS(Express Mail) is available at this moment.
We will ship the products ASAP once the order is confirmed.

U.S. West coast and central North America can expect the package now in about 5 to 10 business day. The U.S. Eastern region can expect the package now in about 8 to 12 business day. All postal services  stopped to Hawaii.

Canada Eastern region delay upto 1 month. And post service temporary stopped to Canada West region - AB, BC, SK, Yukon, North West Territories, Edmonton

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