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Title Image of Anita Bag & Grab and Go Clutches PDF Pattern (#699)




Anita Bag & Grab and Go Clutches PDF Pattern (#699)


Original Price: $12.75

The Anita Bag and Grab and Go Clutches is a combination that can be used for multipurpose. The Anita Bag can be used as an everyday use bag by utilizing a simply designed fabric .In addition, the Grab and Go clutches can be used as a sunglasses case, a makeup pouch, phone pouch, and even a pencil case! Try these multipurpose patterns today!

Anita Bag PDF Pattern

Finished Size: 16 ½” WiDTH X 13 ¼” HEIGHT X 5 ½” DEPTH

The Anita Bag is a large and fashionable shoulder bag that will match extremely well with a semiformal or formal outfit. Its leather handles and peculiar design add to its modern, artistic look, giving the bag’s wearer a “fabulous city woman” kind of feel. Because this bag’s design is more stylish and edgy rather than cute, it is recommended that you select an appropriately patterned fabric to bring out the best results.

Grab and Go Clutches PDF Pattern

Big Clutch: 10 1/2" X 5 1/2"
Small Clutch: 8" X 4"

Small clutches can be used as makeup pouches as well as glasses cases, whereas the bigger clutches may be carried inside other bags or carried separately by itself on outings. On the whole took me an hour to complete 2 clutches very simple.Easy and clear instructions.

» My Pattern Includes:
   What you need
   Describes each step detailed with pictures
   Computer drawn accurate actual size patterns
   Letter & A4 paper both provided

» You may sell the finished product for this pattern. Please look at the policies for details

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