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Musette Bags Combo (3 Bags) PDF Pattern (#855)


Original Price: $23.50

Frankie Musette Bag PDF Pattern

Finished Size : 13” WIDTH X 12 1/5” HEIGHT X 3” DEPTH (APPROX.)

The Frankie Musette Bag is both casual and trendy and is ideal for every day uses. With its stylish front, central pocket, this bag is able to store many of your belongings with ease. I recommend using dark brown materials for a great natural look. A casual bag that is both a great gift and a practical one to keep, start the Frankie Musette Bag today!

Corey Musette Bag PDF Pattern

Finished Size: 14” WIDTH X 7” HEIGHT X 6” DEPTH

The Corey Musette Bag is a unique backpack inspired by the Korean traditional musette bag. The ideal size of this bag makes it the perfect companion for outings as its fit is not too big, yet not too small!  Looking for a bag that can be used every day, can carry your belongings, but isn’t too bulky? Well the Corey Musette Bag is the PERFECT bag for you!

Brett Musette Bag 

Finished Size: 16” WIDTH X 12” HEIGHT X 3” DEPTH (APPROX.)
The Brett Musette Bag; a simply designed bag suited for any occasion!  Its inside large two zipper pockets and convenient size make this bag a great option for carrying your belongings on a day out!  Moreover, this bag is specifically designed to be a great companion to store your things while going on bike rides! Any confident beginner can try this beautiful project and gain more experience for future projects. Looking for a bag that can be held with style and ease? Start the Brett Musette Bag today!.

» Patterns Includes:

   What you need
   Describes each step detailed with pictures
   Computer drawn accurate actual size patterns
   Double cap rivet instruction provided.
   Snap instruction provided.
   Zipper install instruction provided.
   Elastic pocket instruction provided.
   Adjustable strap instruction provided.
   Letter/A4 paper size pattern both provided.

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