The Smallest Bag Pattern - Single Bag or Multiple Bags

Veronica often hates to use a hand bag as she finds it cumbersome and tries her best to only carry her wallet & phone. Yet this has an added hazard of finding herself in danger of dropping her phone. Although the added safety of carrying possession is there, the cumbersome nature of having to take it in and out prevents her from carrying a handbag consistently. 
We thought for sure she was not the only one who had this dilemma we made the Autumn Phone Bag! This is is possibly the smallest bag pattern ever on iThinkSew! The Single Autumn Phone Purse is the perfect project to match with other bags, start it today!

This Week's Highlights

  • Nyla Raglan Dress! A charming dress specially designed for style and ease! Due to its spacious figure the child can comfortably fit in the dress and easily be active without additional trouble.

  • A sleeveless top with adorable frills, the armholes and neckline are finished with the bias binding technique, which makes it simple and easy to make for even beginners! Back piece is slightly longer and...

  • I wanted to make myself a summer blouse that was quick and easy to make and to wear. To quickly make the blouse, I skipped the process of finishing the neckline with bias binding by simply inserting...

  • The Carson Backpack is a big bag perfectly designed for big carriers and students. This project is created for men, women, and children alike! Its size is ideal for laptops, books and more. Thanks to its numerous pockets, the backpack touts a respectable amount of storage options for small belongings.

  • The Polly Dress is a classic and agless children wear that never goes out of style! Its simple and basic design offers sewers to make it in ease. This dress can easily be gifted to your girls and family members because of its simplicity and adorable fit.

  • An easy tunic and dress that has no steps for assembling the sleeves. You can easily finish this project in an hour due to the sleeves that are with the front and back. An easy but equally charming piece that has an illusion of an unbalanced hem design.

  • The Autumn Bag is a petite bag designed to carry your phone while holding your basic needs with its easy access phone pocket, and a zipper pocket to securely store and keep your belongings.

  • The Ollie Bag is a handbag with unique gusset design. This piece offers both comfort and style with spacious room and an ageless look that never goes out of style.

Recent Releases

  • The leather utilizes a special finish to express that authentic feel while thanks to its lightweight nature, can be stitched using any sewing machines.

  • This vegan leather can be used for bags, wallets, accessories, hair bows, shoes, gloves, school project, scrapbooking, refurbishing furniture and much more.

  • With various colors and an accurate feeling, the vegan leather we are sourcing is half the thickness of competitive products and is easier on home sewing machines.

  • With various colors and an accurate feeling, the vegan leather we are sourcing is half the thickness of competitive products and is easier on home sewing machines. The material fits perfectly with other fabric and is also a perfect fit to make handles.

  • A simple and basic elastic pants with a loose fit. The crotch area of the pattern is designed to be extra-long for a comfortable fit. Low crotch pants may look unflattering sometimes, but it offers the best comfort. Unlike when I was young, I search for pants...

  • 10 #5 Antique Brass Zipper Head, 5 Black Leather Tab, 5 Brown Leather Tab

  • Maddie Peasant Blouse is specially designed for the any seasons. Due to the ruffles on the blouse the child can wear it and be comfortable during intense physical activities. The closures, utilizing sew on snaps or buttons, allows the blouse t

  • The Shiloh Blouse is a breezy summer blouse. Stylishly and comfortably designed to be worn during long hot days. It is recommended to use lightweight linen or cotton material for the best outcome.

  • The Kellie Bag is a novel cross bag with great convenience and style. A light weighted bag that can be held all day, this bag was designed for comfort! With pockets on the exterior that you can easily store your little items in and a spacious opening that...

  • This MOCOZI collection will come with a Foldover Backpack, Shoulder Bag, and 4 size Zipper Pouches! User your favorite e-book reader such as the iPad, Kindle, Phone, or other devices to read the book. The booklet consists of 3 patterns and around 50 pages.

  • The Sophie Dress is a classic and ageless design that can be worn all year long! The dress is a simple and basic project to make for sewers. It can easily be gifted to your friends and family members because

  • The Jerilyn Small Camera Bag is a compact utility bag, designed to be travel friendly and lightweight. Compared to our other collection of camera bags; the Jerilyn Camera bag is significantly smaller and travel friendly.

  • The Magali Mini Backpack / Cross Bag is just as the name says - a mini backpack and a cross bag. The pattern exemplifies a unique design with a different shape on the front and back of the pattern.

  • The Greta Blouse offers an adorably classic look! Inspired by vintage baby wear in the 60’s. With its voluminous ruffles the dress is bound to look absolutely stunning!

  • The Christine Pants is an adorable and comfy wear for your little one! The drop crotch offers the comfiest fit that makes it easy for the child to be active without additional trouble.

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