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General Supoort

Q: Do you sell finished patterns?

A: For small scale orders of the finished sample patterns, please visit the Finished Products page. If there are none in stock now, then please feel free to contact us for more information!

Q: Do you do Wholesale (paper patterns)?

A: If you are interested in selling the paper patterns as a wholesale product, please go to this for more information.

Q: How are the PDF patterns delivered?

A: The products marked as “PDF Patterns” are sent electronically in a form of a download link. These are not hard-paper pattern products to be shipped out through ‘snail-mail’

Q: Could you explain about the Spainish instructions?

A: Those products that do provide the Spanish language instructions are noted on the title or the description. If there is no mention of a Spanish instruction for the particular pattern, then it does not include them.

Q: When is a coming soon pattern going to be released?

A: The majority of the “Coming Soon” patterns are usually:
(a) almost complete and ready to be released but needs small additional revisions.
(b) an old product that was sold before but has been pulled due to quality differences from our newer releases.

Q: Do you have a ____ pattern?

A: Do you have a certain pattern design, feel, or anything else in mind but cannot find it from the website? Feel free to contact us and inform us of this missing link!

Q: Can I sell the finished samples of the iThinkSew patterns?

A: The finished samples that are made from iThinkSew patterns may be sold with the following conditions. Full pattern credit must be given to for the patterns. In addition, the finished patterns can only be sold in a small scale and mass production is prohibited.

Q: Can I share my creations through my blog/Facebook/Twitter?

A: Sure you can, that would be fantastic!

Q: Do you have Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr and any other accounts that I can follow you with?

A: Yes we do! Follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook here!