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2 Compartments iPad/Tablet PC Corine Bag PDF Pattern

The Corine Bag is a casual sporty cross bag made for all genders of all ages. The ideal size of this bag makes it the perfect companion for outings as it is not too big, yet not too small! The bag can be made using various kinds of materials such as leather, suede, or any common cotton fabric. A light-weight bag that can be held all day, the Corine Bag was designed to be comfortable for the long haul. Start the Corine Bag today!


Cheyenne Clutch/Wallet PDF Pattern

The Cheyenne Wallet is a classy and stylish wallet for the big wallet lovers. The big size and convenient design allows you to store more than just cash and credit cards. Including steps for card slots and inner zipper pockets for coins. Conveniently pack your belongings and quickly access them whenever you need. The size is ideal for holding your small basic necessities such as earphones, lipstick, and more! The classic look and size can be great look for a night out with your evening dress.


Falak Functional Bag With Camera Insert PDF Pattern - New Release sale 20% Off!

The Falak Bag is a casual boxy bag with an additional camera insert if you wish to use this bag as a camera bag. This bag is a versatile piece that can be used on many occasions, if you are a crafter, painter, or artist you can pack your art essentials in this spacious bag. Because of the pockets and large interior space, you can store items like little containers and even petite trinkets in a neat fashion. With the pockets on the side, front, and back you can keep your daily essentials like wallets and phones in a swift and convenient way. The Falak bag can become any bag you want! Start the Falak bag!

$13.19 $10.55

Gwyneth Laptop Bag PDF Pattern

The Gwyneth Laptop Bag features a comfy and fashionable design that can store multiple sizes of laptops! The strap that secures the laptop in the bag makes sure that your device doesn’t shift in the bag keeping it safe. With or without a laptop this bag is equally convenient. A project everyone will certainly enjoy making and using! Start the Gwyneth Laptop Bag now!


Pyper Bag PDF Pattern

The Pyper Bag! A multipurpose bag, perfect for anyone needing a bag that provides both space and security. The Pyper Bag can be used as a laptop bag, a briefcase and even a casual school bag! Store your most valuable possessions in the back pocket as its convenient flap over the pocket provides extra safety for your belongings. Due to its perfect proportion and size, this bag can be used for short travels, trips to the market, and for carrying a multitude of items and essentials! A perfect companion for any season, for any reason, outfit yourself with this elegant, stylish and sophisticated bag today!


Yuni Messenger Bag PDF Pattern

The Yuni Messenger Bag features a casual and stylish design that is perfect for everyday use! Its spacious pleated front pockets and lining pocket divider make this bag a great option for carrying your belongings on your long school/work day! Thanks to the numerous pockets provided in the bag, it's absolutely perfect for carrying anything small to big in an organized fashion! Moreover, this bag can be held by hand or can be carried on your shoulders, allowing you to comfortably carry the bag anywhere! A bag that's not short on its own share of pockets and space! Start the Yuni Messenger Bag now!


Zoe Sling Card Bag PDF Pattern

The Zoe Sling Bag is simple yet unique project. This piece is specially designed for travel purposes, such as biking, hiking, jogging more! Due to its multiple pockets and compact size, it is an ideal bag for travel and daily use. Also, the bag can be worn across the body by adjusting the strap length. The zipper pockets are great for storing and organizing small essentials! Moreover, this project is designed for all men women and children alike! A comfy, convenient, and compact bag! A great companion for everyone! Start the Zoe Sling Bag today.