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Alina Girls' Apron FREE PDF Pattern

01 June, 2020 - 0 Comments

Download the pattern from here.

The Alina Girls’ Apron is an apron I designed for my daughter several years ago. At that time, she had a newfound interest in cooking, and would spend a lot of time helping me make after-school snacks and dinner, as well as a big mess in the kitchen. I realized during our cooking sessions that the aprons we had at home were all too big on her, the hem coming down almost to her ankles. They were all adult-sized. So I decided to get to work on making her a girl’s apron, appropriate for her size and height. Using a charm pack I had, I patchworked fabric pieces and matched it with a solid colored fabric… and out came this charming little apron! Needless to say, my daughter loved it! Present your daughter with this unique and useful apron, and have a fun mother-daughter cooking session of your own!

20" Wide X 19.5" Height (upper strap not included)

44" wide heavy weight home decorator or quilting weight cotton
(1/2) Front and Back Piece
(1/4) Front Upper Strap Piece and Side Straps
44" wide quilting weight cotton
(1/2) Front and Back Piece
(1/8) Back Upper Strap Piece
(1) 3" Hook and Loop Fastener

Ruler, Scissors, Chalk pencil, Pencil, Sewing machine, Pins, Needle, Shape tool

* Seam allowance 1/4” unless otherwise specified.
* All units are in inches.

Cut out the Fabric
Place the pattern pieces on the wrong side of the fabric as indicated on the CUTTING LAYOUT. Using a chalk pencil or marking pen, mark the pieces adding 1/4" seam allowance. Cut the pieces out.
(1) Front Piece
(1) Front Upper Strap Piece
(1) Back Piece
(1) Back Upper Strap Piece
(2) 8" Width X 2 1/2" Height Length of Side Strap Pieces
(2) 1 1/2" Length of Hook and Loop Fastener

Attach the Upper Strap and the Front and Back piece

Place the front upper strap piece and the front piece with RIGHT sides together. Pin and stitch together, back tacking on both ends. Press the seam toward the upper strap. Topstitch onto the upper strap piece, 1/8” away from the seam, press again. Repeat this step for the back upper strap and the back piece.

Make the Side Strap

One edge of strap will be visible; to give it a nice finish, fold and press a 1/4” seam allowance at one end. Fold the strap in half lengthwise with the WRONG sides together and press a crease. Open the strap so that the wrong side will be visible. Then, fold each side of the strap inward toward the crease. Fold 1/4” again along the crease and topstitch 1/8” away from the seam. Place the side strap onto the front piece and baste. Attach the other side strap.

Assemble the Front and the Back

With RIGHT sides together, place the back piece onto the front piece. The side straps will be between the back piece and the front piece. Pin and stitch the Apron, leaving a 5” opening on the bottom for turning. Clip the rounded seam and corner seams. Turn it right side out and press.

Finish the Apron

Pin the opening. Topstitch all around the apron included upper straps.

Open the hook and loop fastener, position the one piece on the upper strap, and sew the hook and loop fastener as a rectangle shape. Back tack on both ends. Place the other piece of the hook and loop fastener onto the other side of the upper strap following the same way. Repeat this step for the side straps.

Video Tutorial

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