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An Open Letter to the Year 2021

02 January, 2021 - 1 Comments

Wishing Everyone a Happy New Year!

2020 was a strange year. It was as if we were living through a disaster movie. Every time I read the news, I had to ask myself “is this real? Is it a movie?” The saddest thing was that I could not meet people and that people were a genuine threat to each other against our intentions.

Yet in a paradoxical situation, we experienced new ways to comfort each other. I believe this to be true for other people around the world.

As winter entered Korea, the number of patients increased. So, when the beds were short, the director of a hospital emptied all 220 beds and switched his facility to be dedicated to coronavirus. It was a big loss to the hospital director, but he was willing to switch the beds and take the losses. In response to the praise, he stated that he did what he had to do.

Another doctor living in Gwangju applied for an unpaid leave for a month at his hospital and went to a hospital dedicated to coronavirus. The doctor's wife and children also supported him, but his mother was worried. To the mother, the doctor said: "Mother, if I don't go now, I know I will regret it forever!"

He did not talk about his tremendous sense of mission, but for me these words really resonated. These days, whenever I wake up in the morning, I think about what things I would regret in my life. What would I regret if I did not do this now? It was a tough year, but I am grateful that my family and loved ones are safe and we all hope to get better next year.

Saying Hello to a New Year and Wishing Everyone a Healthy One!



Comments (1)
Virgen 1/11/2021 8:03 PM

Amen to that Sue. Your letter was beautifully written. It resonates, I#39;m sure with many of us. Wishing you a wonderful and blessed New Year.