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Vina Baby Boots PDF Pattern

The Vina Baby Boots are THE boots for style and warmth. Using fur for your lining can give extra warmth to the boots. These boots are best when made out of suede and soft material such as fleece and fur. Using non-skid soles can make the shoes safer for indoor wear. If you're using leather or suede, making the lining with patterned fabrics can allow for a wonderful outcome when you fold down the shoes! A design made to fit both genders, these boots do not rely on a certain material or any particular color for a beautiful outcome. Even the use of a plain colored fabric and just the lining fabric can result in a stylish new pair of booties for any baby. Start these adorable pair of boots today!


(6M-24M) Florence Dress PDF Pattern

Want to make your baby daughter a pretty dress suitable for all four seasons? Make her The Florence Baby Dress. This simple linen dress may be worn layered with a t-shirt and cardigan in the colder months or as a light and breezy dress in warmer weather. The shoulder straps are tied into bows and can adjust how high or low you want the dress to be in order to better fit your baby's body. If this dress is too plain for your taste, optional decorations may be added, such as a tag, which will give your baby dress a special look. Also, you may choose to use different types of fabric that are more colorful than the recommended linen in order to make this baby dress more appropriate for specific occasions or seasons. Whatever you decide, the result will be a lovely handmade baby dress. Don't delay working on The Florence Baby Dress. Start now!


Brooke Girl's Leggings (3M - 10Y) PDF Pattern

Booke Leggings a simple leggings fit for all girls! A project for mothers who canrs't find the right length or colored leggings for your little princess. You can even make jeggings by attaching a pocket and using a denim patterned spandex or jersey fabric. This is also a great project for beginners! Start the Brooke Leggings now!


(6M-24M) Arianna Jacket PDF Pattern

A short jacket with an adorable round collar intended as an every day wear, the Arianna Jacket is a practical outfit for the little girls. The design allows the jacket to be also worn during the chilly autumn period or the spring season. Since the process of making the collar is an approachable difficulty, confident beginners can definitely take a shot at it! Start the Arianna Jacket today!


Ainsley Baby Boots PDF Pattern

The Ainsley Suede Baby Boots is a unique boot that includes two different type of boots ndash; the three strapped boots and the two strapped boots. Making the boots lining with fur can result in an even warmer boots for the winter! Thanks to the wide opening it is easier to put the shoes on children, in addition the hook and loop fastener on the straps keep the boots securely on throughout uses. I suggest utilizing fabrics with patterns & different colors for the most unique and eye catching boots! The Ainsley Suede Boots is THE boots for winter!


Mommy, Dolly and Me Aprons PDF Pattern

Make a whole family of aprons. Here's an apron pattern sure to get you and your little bakers into the kitchen. The apron pattern covers little girls sizes 2T-12 and Mommys (or Grandmas, Aunties and friends) from misses size small to plus sizes. It also includes a doll pattern for 18rd'dolls! Just choose the half or full apron and then make them to match OR mix it up for a designer look.


Payton Baby Sandals PDF Pattern

The Payton Sandals is an easy quick project that can be made by all level of sewers! Due to the shoelace you Don't have to worry about the shoes slipping off from the child's foot or have uncomfortable fittings. By attaching non-skid sole the shoes can be much safer indoor shoes for the child to play in while being physically active. A quick, easy and yet fashionable sandals that you can make! Start the Payton Sandals today!


Bella Ruffled Dress PDF Pattern

This spunky dress sewing pattern is a must have for your little girl. This is a playtime dress, which is as stylish as is fuss free. With its girly details like layers of ruffles, the dress renders a trendy and elegant look to grace any occasion!*The sewing pattern contains detailed step by step instructions for girls ranging from 6 months to 10 years and can be used many times as your child grows.* It is complete with a pictorial representation of the whole sewing process and is suitable for any beginner.* This pattern includes printable pattern pieces for the bodice. All you will have to do is print and cut them out.* The dress has no zipper or buttons.


(3M-24M) Polly Baby Dress PDF Pattern

The Polly Dress is a classic and agless children wear that never goes out of style! Its simple and basic design offers sewers to make it in ease. This dress can easily be gifted to your girls and family members because of its simplicity and adorable fit. With a comfy and voluminous design, it is ideal for going out on picnics and outdoor activities! It is recommended to be made with flowy material or organic cotton to create a great natural look. Start the Polly Blouse and Dress today!


(3M-24M) Sophie Baby Dress PDF Pattern

The Sophie Dress is a classic and ageless design that can be worn all year long! The dress is a simple and basic project to make for sewers. It can easily be gifted to your friends and family members because of its simplicity and adorable design. The general shape of the Sophie Dress is an A line dress with a unique pleat on the middle. An adorable and classic wear for the little one. A beginner friendly apparel! Start the Sophie Dress now!


(6M-24M) Selma Dress for Baby PDF Pattern

The Selma Dress is a classic A-line dress with a short and stout design creating the perfect vintage look. Inspired by vintage baby wear in the 60's. A sleeveless shift dress with a unique symmetrical cut on the neckline all the way down to the bottom hem. This dress can easily be gifted to your girls and family members because of its simplicity and adorable fit. This versatile dress and blouse can be easily styled all year long! Bloomers for the summer season, skirts with tights and a turtle neck under the dress during the fall and winter. A classic everyday blouse that can be worn for all the seasons to come. Start the Selma Dress today!


Bailey Baby Booties PDF Pattern

Bailey Baby Booties are moccasin-like baby booties that are suitable for both girls and boys. With its loose fit and elastic closure, Bailey Baby Booties are a comfortable alternative to outdoor footwear, easy to slip on and off. Because of its baggy design, the shoes have a rather boyish feel to it, which can be appropriately matched with tomboyish attire for girls and a casual style for boys. These booties are perfect for stroller-wear during the colder seasons, and are a great alternative to socks for indoor wear as well.


Cassidy Baby Bib PDF Pattern(2 Patterns) - PDF Pattern

It is a practical gift that is popular with new or expecting parents, especially when given as a set containing several bibs, as this will allow them to do most of the baby's laundry at once. Take a few minutes from your day and make this necessary item for your own or your friend's baby. This cute bib only takes about 30 minutes to make! The Cassidy Baby Bib is a unisex baby bib, perfect for keeping your baby clean during mealtimes.


Girls Top Skirt and Dress PDF Pattern

One pattern making a skirt, shirt and dress. Only four pattern pieces! And the shirt from just ONE pattern piece. All at beginner level sewing? Yes! That's Simply Dressed. Choose from five sleeve options (short, short cuffed, three quarter, three quarter cuffed, and ruched. Then choose to add pockets to the skirt or not. Add ruffles to the shirt, skirt and dress or not. The options are limitless. This is simply your go to pattern for a wardrobe of outfits.


Tracey Mary Jane's PDF Pattern

Tracey Mary Jane's a lovable project for any mothers! It's cute and sleek design, the shoes will absolutely shine in any child's feet. Its round pointed shoe was shaped by darting the upper piece. These shoes are both wonderfully fit for casual and dressy style, allowing for multiple different uses. Instead of attaching a ribbon, using jewelry or a corsage is also a good idea as an added decoration. The shoes are simple in design and fashionable for any girls!


Norman Baby Slippers PDF Pattern

The adorable Norman Baby Slippers utilize an elastic heel for easy wearing on the feet. With its unique bias taping around the edges of the sole, the slippers were designed to fit both the boys and girls depending on the fabric used! The finishing with the bias tape also allows for a more beautiful pair of slippers. Make the Norman Baby Slippers for someone special today! The pattern is recommended for intermediate sewers


(6M-24M) Fayre Blouse and Dress for Baby PDF Pattern

The Fayre Blouse and Dress is a three-quarter sleeve raglan style project with a unique yoke type gathered neckline. With comfy sleeves and ruffles, this is definitely a great addition to the wardrobe. With its classic and ageless design, it can be worn all year long. The spacious design offers a good comfortable fit, as well as creating a charming look for your little one. Start the Fayre Blouse and Dress to make a comfy and adorable outfit for the girls!


FREE - Addison Baby Hat & Muffler PDF Pattern

Keep your baby warm during the colder seasons with The Addison Baby Hat and Muffler! The Addison Baby Hat and Muffler may be made one without the others; together, however, they make an excellent 3-piece gift set for expecting parents or parents with new babies.



Valerie Baby Flip-flop PDF Pattern

Want the perfect children's gift to keep feet cool during the hot summer? The Valerie Baby Flip Flops are the perfect pair of sandals! I made these during the hot summer season hoping for something cool for the babies to wear. With a corsage set included in the pattern, the flip flop can easily be a gorgeous shoes. The meticulous design wraps the feet to hold the heel while walking! Start these fantastic flip flops today!


(1Y-4Y) Cecilia Reversible Cape PDF Pattern

The Cecilia Cape is the most beginner friendly clothing pattern next to the vest, so for beginners wanting to make clothing patterns this is the place to start! The sample was made using linen for exterior, light weight cotton for the lining. The cape can become something different depending on the material! For example, using oil cloth will turn it into a rain coat, using a towel will turn it into a bathrobe for a day at the beach, and for using it in the winter applying fur will make it very warm.


(3M-24M) Winifred Blouse and Dress for Baby PDF Pattern

The Winifred Blouse and Dress offers an adorably classic look! Inspired by vintage baby wear in the 60's. With its voluminous ruffles the dress is bound to look absolutely stunning! This versatile dress and blouse can be easily styled all year long! Bloomers for the summer season, skirts with tights during the fall and winter. A classic everyday blouse that can be worn for all the seasons to come. Start the Winifred Blouse and Dress today!


(6M-24M) Camilla Dress PDF Pattern

The Camilla Dress is a beautiful dress that is simple to make yet fashionable for the baby to wear. The additional York buttons on the front make this dress also convenient piece for the child to take on and off. Sounds too good? It only gets better! The Camilla Dress was also designed with beginner sewers to tackle on and make a meaningful piece. Finally, the addition of both A4 and letter size patterns are included in the set to help international sewers around the world.


Bonnie Baby Bonnet PDF Pattern

The Bonnie Baby Bonnet is a cute little bonnet that is designed to shade your baby's sensitive eyes and face from the strong rays of the sun. Enjoy the outdoors while protecting your child from the sun- just make this easy Bonnie Baby Bonnet! Because the bonnet has a tie, it will stay on your child's head regardless of any movement or wind: thus it is ideal for day-long outdoor trips like a picnic or a trip to the zoo. The Bonnie Baby Bonnet matches especially well with dresses, and is the most effective when worn during the spring, summer, and fall months.


Micky Baby Moccasins PDF Pattern

Micky Baby Moccasins are baby booties in the style of moccasin shoes. Like real moccasins, these booties are suitable with casual attire all-year round, great for both indoor and outdoor wear.


Cordelia Ruffle Blouse PDF Pattern

The Cordelia Blouse compliments the adorable chubby cheeks of a baby! Whether you are going out for a short walk or a family outing, this blouse will be fit and ready for all situations. Not only is the design fashionable but it also happens to be easy to wear. If the weather is getting a bit chilly, there is no need to worry as this blouse can be worn under a simple cardigan. This pattern is recommended for intermediate to confident sewers who would like a decent challenge. Start on this fantastic project today!


Lilo Baby Boots PDF Pattern

Lilo Baby Boots feature an adorable combination of pleats & buttons! The front, velcro flap makes slipping the boots on and off your baby's feet a breeze. A design made to fit both genders, these boots do not rely on a certain material or any particular color of fabric for a beautiful outcome. By attaching a non-skid sole, you can make these boots safe indoor wear for any child. Start these adorable boots today!>>


(3M-24M) Leigh Blouse PDF Pattern

The Leigh Blouse is a one of kind with unique flares and ruffles, this is definitely a great addition to the wardrobe. With its classic and ageless design, it can be worn all year long. The spacious design offers a good comfortable fit, as well as creating a charming look for your little one. With its voluminous ruffles the blouse is bound to look absolutely stunning! An adorable and classic wear for the little one. Start the Leigh Blouse today!


(6M-24M) Dorris Dress PDF Pattern

rris Dress is an adorable dress perfectly designed for the spring and autumn seasons! Due to the ruffles the dress can be worn and handle physical activities without being too uncomfortable to the user. I suggest using fabrics with a simple design pattern to compliment the ruffles. The project is recommended for intermediate level sewers. With its design 2 years in the making, I hope the Dorris Dress lives up to the high expectations everyone's been having!


(6M-24M) Naomi Raglan Dress for Baby PDF Pattern

The Naomi Dress! A three-layered raglan dress; a charming, simple, and basic sewing project for sewers ranging from beginners to experts! The spacious figure and elastic neck, offers the child to fit comfortably in the dress without any additional trouble. With its ruffled layers, the dress is absolutely bound to look stunning in any material! Start the Naomi dress today!


Beloved Dress PDF Pattern

Princess. Girly Girl. Drama Queen. Diva. Do any of these describe a little girl you know? How does this kind of girl dress up? A special occasion calls for the most special of dresses. A dress laden with ruffles, frills and lace is what you need. She will feel like a princess going to the ball in the Beloved Dress.


Charlotte Baby Mary Janes PDF Pattern

Charlotte Baby Mary Janes are the baby version of Charlotte women's Mary Janes, and are a charming present when given as a matching mother-daughter set. The base of these girlish baby booties are designed in the style of classic Mary Jane shoes, and a flower corsage is added to make them look extra pretty. These baby booties are great alternative footwear to be worn on dressy occasions, for young babies who havenrs't yet learned to walk or walk very little. Charlotte Baby Mary Janes are appropriate for stroller-wear and are suitable for all four seasons.


Grizzly Bear Baby Shoes PDF Pattern

The Grizzly Bear shoes is a spectacular project for beginners! The shoes can be made together for both mother and child to make the perfect set! With it's cozy nature from the cotton fill inside the shoes, the design was made to be comfortable and fit the wearer. What's more, is that the pair of cuties can be excellent for Halloween costumes or for plays! These shoes are THE shoes for you to spend the coziest winter without a cold feet!


Angelina Baby Flats PDF Pattern

These precious shoes are what’s bringing style to the world of baby booties. Not quite baby “booties” in the traditional sense, The Angelina Baby Flats are an open-toed design of flats shoes for your baby, intended for indoor or stroller wear. The corsages on the tops of the Angelina Baby Flats are its winning point- this decorative point even has pearl beads in its center to give the shoes an extra exquisite look. Despite its open toe, these flats are appropriate for wear all year round, as in the colder seasons, they may be matched with dresses and tights. The Angelina Baby Flats mix fashion with comfort, as the elastic backing allows for the flats to fit snugly around your baby’s feet. The Angelina Baby Flats- a special design of flats for your special girl.Designer’s Review


Abella Baby Shoes PDF Pattern

The Abella Baby Shoes are a unique pair of shoes perfect for sewers of all levels. These shoes look best when made out of suede and soft material such as fleece and fur. When using leather or suede, making the lining with patterned fabrics gives these shoes a beautiful finish. You can give these shoes traction by adding a non-skid sole. Need a simple and adorable pair of shoes for your little one? The Abella Baby Shoes are the answer for you!


Sammy Vest (3 - 7 Years) PDF Pattern

The Sammy Vest is a unisex vest that can fit both boys and girls! It coordinates very well with dresses as well as pants allowing it to be used for various occasions. Matching perfectly with the 275 Gemma Ruffled Skirt, the Sammy Vest is a perfect coordination between the two fabulous patterns. Depending on the fabric and the material used, the Sammy Vest can be used for casual outings or for more formal events. The pattern is also accessible and very beginner friendly. The fashionable addition to any outfit combination, make the Sammy Vest today to complete the wardrobe collection!


Avery Visor PDF Pattern

Baby Head Circumference 17" S 17 1/2" M 18" L 19" XL