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(6M-24M) Ayanna Blouse for Baby PDF Pattern

The Ayanna Blouse is a one of kind with unique flares and ruffles, this is definitely a great addition to the wardrobe. The classic and ageless design, it can be worn all year long. The spacious design offers a good comfortable fit, as well as creating a charming look for your little one. With its voluminous ruffles the blouse is bound to look absolutely stunning! An adorable and classic wear for the little one. Start the Ayanna Blouse today!


(3M-18M) Christine Baby Maryjanes PDF Pattern

Christine Baby Mary Janes offers higher ankles to the traditional Mary-Jane shoes. Christine Baby Mary Janes can be made with little fabric, and are great for crawling babies, indoor play, and stroller trips. Due to their little size it can be made without any sewing machines and all by hand. They are an affordable way of matching your baby's footwear with her outfit, and make an adorable gift for new moms or moms-to-be.


(1Y-5Y) Heidi Dress and Blouse PDF Pattern

Simple yet adorable, The Heidi Dress was designed to be suitable for all beginners. Matching the dress with a cardigan and a t-shirt inside make a wonderful combination. It can be made using 3 or 2 layers of gather, making it with 2 layers of gather allows the dress to be worn with a pair of pants. Since the finish is done with bias binding the pattern is more accessible to beginner sewers. The Blouse is a variation of the Heidi dress utilizing adorable gathers as its feature character. The seam processing is done with the bias, so the making of the blouse is simple and fun!


Allyson Baby Flip Flops PDF Pattern

The Allyson Flip Flops are great project that can be made by all level of sewers, from beginners to the experienced expert! Adding a little accessory can help give an extra fancy look to this fantastic piece. A unique pair of room shoes for the coming summer, start these great sets of sandals now!


Gemma Ruffled Skirt (6M ~ 5Y) PDF Pattern

A 3 layered skirt that all beginners can make, the Gemma Ruffled Skirt features fluffy ruffles resulting in an undeniably cute outfit for the girl! The dress is best matched with short leggings and a simple t-shirt or a blouse on top. Worried about the comfort level? Worry not! The Gemma Ruffled Skirt is made with elastic band to allow for comfort and practicality when moving around. When making the skirt, it can be made with several different kinds of fabrics starting from patched fabrics to simple monochromatic ones. However, when the dress is made with black fabric it can result in a very formal attire suitable for weddings or other events. Either way, try the Gemma Ruffled Skirt today and get started on this beautiful yet accessible project!


Norman Baby Slippers PDF Pattern

The adorable Norman Baby Slippers utilize an elastic heel for easy wearing on the feet. With its unique bias taping around the edges of the sole, the slippers were designed to fit both the boys and girls depending on the fabric used! The finishing with the bias tape also allows for a more beautiful pair of slippers. Make the Norman Baby Slippers for someone special today! The pattern is recommended for intermediate sewers


(1Y-5Y) Double Button Hood Jacket PDF Pattern

The Double Buttoned Hooded Jacket is a stylish baby jacket for your baby to wear on those breezy spring or autumn days. Sewing with a knit or jersey fabric lining will produce a jacket that is especially warm and soft; there is even a hood that extends towards the front, designed to keep warm air circulating around your children's head and face. The Double Buttoned Hooded Jacket is quite easy to make, and provides you with the opportunity to make a wonderful personal gift. This simple but cute unisex jacket is great with all outfits, from dresses and flats to pants and rain boots. Make this with laminated cotton fabric or simply any type of waterproof fabric and you can make an adorable raincoat! Start this wonderful jacket now!


FREE - Ariel Girl’s Circle Skirt PDF Pattern

Introducing the Ariel Girl's Circle Skirt, a vintage style skirt that will bring you to the 50's! Due to the project's simplicity it can be made immediately with no struggle. The skirt's length can be easily shortened or lengthened to your desired size ndash; so why not make multiple ones for each occasion? Easy? Quick? Fun! Try the Ariel Girl's Circle Skirt now!



Mason Baby Shoes PDF Pattern

The Mason Baby Shoes are the best shoes for style and comfort. With versions for women, men, and babies it can be worn by the whole family! By attaching non-skid soles the shoes can be made to be much safer for children to play on. The elastic heals on the shoes will comfortably fit into the feet of the user & stay securely on. Start this adorable shoes now!


Delaney Baby Shoes PDF Pattern

With the darts in the front of the shoes, the Delaney Baby Room Shoes were designed to emphasize the chubby legs of a baby! In addition to the dart, Irs've also included elastic bands for secure placement as babies like to wiggle and move their feet around. Moreover, as per iThinkSew tradition ? Irs've also included a women's version for a Mom & Baby set!


Seraphina Baby Shoes PDF Pattern

The Seraphina Baby Shoes is great when worn outdoors in the stroller during the warmer and sunnier weathers! Using any type of fabrics will fit this pattern. With the addition of a corsage, it give so ff an extra sunny summer look. The Sereaphina Baby shoes gives an elegant a casual look that can make it fit to any clothing. As a result, these baby shoes make superb presents - not just for moms with babies or moms-to-be, but for anyone to use as a charming collector's piece and decoration. It would be perfect for a gift at a baby showers as well!


Leila Felt Baby Shoes PDF Pattern

Leila Felt Baby Shoes are exquisite felt baby shoes that have a unique, ornamental feel to them. They make a charming decoration and are a great handmade gift in general, not limited to new moms or moms-to-be. These stylish shoes are suitable for wear in indoor public areas, as their exterior soles are made of non-skid material and will prevent slipping on non-carpet surfaces, and match well with formal wear, thus making it a smart choice of footwear for your baby girl on dressy occasions. Want to give your expecting friend a special present? Make her a beautiful pair of Leila Felt Baby Shoes.


(6M-24M) Arianna Jacket PDF Pattern

A short jacket with an adorable round collar intended as an every day wear, the Arianna Jacket is a practical outfit for the little girls. The design allows the jacket to be also worn during the chilly autumn period or the spring season. Since the process of making the collar is an approachable difficulty, confident beginners can definitely take a shot at it! Start the Arianna Jacket today!


Angelina Baby Flats PDF Pattern

These precious shoes are what’s bringing style to the world of baby booties. Not quite baby “booties” in the traditional sense, The Angelina Baby Flats are an open-toed design of flats shoes for your baby, intended for indoor or stroller wear. The corsages on the tops of the Angelina Baby Flats are its winning point- this decorative point even has pearl beads in its center to give the shoes an extra exquisite look. Despite its open toe, these flats are appropriate for wear all year round, as in the colder seasons, they may be matched with dresses and tights. The Angelina Baby Flats mix fashion with comfort, as the elastic backing allows for the flats to fit snugly around your baby’s feet. The Angelina Baby Flats- a special design of flats for your special girl.Designer’s Review


Charlotte Dress & Veronica Hat Combo PDF Pattern - 10% Off!

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Charlotte Dress for Baby PDF Pattern
Veronica Hat PDF Pattern

$20.44 $18.40

(6M-24M) Selma Dress for Baby PDF Pattern

The Selma Dress is a classic A-line dress with a short and stout design creating the perfect vintage look. Inspired by vintage baby wear in the 60's. A sleeveless shift dress with a unique symmetrical cut on the neckline all the way down to the bottom hem. This dress can easily be gifted to your girls and family members because of its simplicity and adorable fit. This versatile dress and blouse can be easily styled all year long! Bloomers for the summer season, skirts with tights and a turtle neck under the dress during the fall and winter. A classic everyday blouse that can be worn for all the seasons to come. Start the Selma Dress today!


FREE - Patrice Baby Scarf Bib PDF Pattern ONLY

FREE - Patrice Baby Scarf Bib PDF Pattern ONLY



Payton Baby Sandals PDF Pattern

The Payton Sandals is an easy quick project that can be made by all level of sewers! Due to the shoelace you Don't have to worry about the shoes slipping off from the child's foot or have uncomfortable fittings. By attaching non-skid sole the shoes can be much safer indoor shoes for the child to play in while being physically active. A quick, easy and yet fashionable sandals that you can make! Start the Payton Sandals today!


FREE - Girls Tiered Skirts PDF Pattern

Register to iThinkSew for more exclusive free patterns! Up to 8 full patterns absolutely free for registered users and additional freebies for buyers!



(3M-18M) Isaac Baby Boots PDF Pattern

The Isaac Baby Boots are a style of boots with fuzzy, warm fur lining. The visible fleece lining in this boot's design is its key feature, providing the inside of the boots with a softness suitable for your baby's sensitive skin. Using non-skid soles can make the shoes safer for indoor wear. A design made to fit both genders, these boots do not rely on a certain material or any particular color for a beautiful outcome. Even the use of a plain colored fabric and just the lining fabric can result in a stylish new pair of booties for any baby. Pamper your little one with The Isaac Baby Boots.


(6M-24M) Maddie Peasant Blouse PDF Pattern

Maddie Peasant Blouse is specially designed for the any seasons. Due to the ruffles on the blouse the child can wear it and be comfortable during intense physical activities. The closures, utilizing sew on snaps or buttons, allows the blouse to be worn with comfort and style! Make it with bright flowery lightweight material for the summer and dark heavyweight material for the winter! Add this staple piece to your little one's wardrobe!


(3M-18M) Adam Baby Elastic Booties PDF Pattern

The Adam Elastic Baby Booties are a simple style of baby booties that match with a more casual attire for both girls and boys. Because its design is so gender-neutral, it is up to you to decide the overall feel of the booties with the fabric and decorations you choose. The possibilities are endless. With its elastic closure, Adam Elastic Baby Booties are easy to slip on and off. These booties are suitable for all four seasons and are great for outdoor stroller-wear or indoor play, worn as an alternative to socks.


(1Y-5Y) Parker 2 Styles T-shirt PDF Pattern

The most basic type of t-shirt that can be used for almost any occasion. The Parker T-Shirt for Boys and Girls can be worn throughout all four seasons - as an inner wear during the winter and a simple tee during the summer. By adding puff sleeves to the shirt, you can modify it to be cuter and more suitable for the little girls. Keep in mind though; a good rule of thumb is to recycle fabrics from old clothing instead of purchasing brand new ones. Sewing up multiple shirts in various different colors will allow for easy coordination when choosing the perfect outfit for a day out!


(6M-24M) Mabel Raglan Blouse for Baby PDF Pattern

The Mabel Raglan Blouse is a quick and easy project for the novice sewers. Unlike our previous raglan blouse, this piece is finished with a bias tape and closed with buttons. Which makes this top piece appeal more finished and cleaner. With the spacious ruffled design, the blouse offers a comfortable fit. Due to the top's simple yet classic design, you can match the tops and bottoms in ease. It is recommended to be made with flowy material or organic cotton to create a great natural look. Start the Mabel Raglan Blouse now!


Sammy Vest (3 - 7 Years) PDF Pattern

The Sammy Vest is a unisex vest that can fit both boys and girls! It coordinates very well with dresses as well as pants allowing it to be used for various occasions. Matching perfectly with the 275 Gemma Ruffled Skirt, the Sammy Vest is a perfect coordination between the two fabulous patterns. Depending on the fabric and the material used, the Sammy Vest can be used for casual outings or for more formal events. The pattern is also accessible and very beginner friendly. The fashionable addition to any outfit combination, make the Sammy Vest today to complete the wardrobe collection!


Mason Family Shoes Set PDF Pattern - 20% Off!

Mason Family Shoes Set PDF Pattern- 20% Off!

Original Price: $19.00

$24.27 $19.42

Riley Felt Baby Booties PDF Pattern

Riley Felt Baby Booties are little felt booties of a unisex design that are super-easy to make. The felt material for these baby booties are inexpensive, and gives the shoes a special, ornamental feel that is hard to achieve with quilting-weight cotton or home decorator fabric. So these baby booties may be used for decorative or collecting purposes, making a great present for anyone, not just for moms with babies or moms-to-be. Riley Felt Baby Booties are baby-friendly with their non-skid soles and are highly suitable for indoor play. They also provide a warm and pretty alternative to socks for crawling babies.


Aidan Baby Sneakers PDF Pattern

The Aidan Baby Sneakers is a design for who prefer the longer neck of the Kaley Sneakers. Because of the long neck and the shoelaces, the sneakers do not slip off from the children's foot ndash; securely staying on at all cases. Also by adding the non-skid sole the shoe can be a safe indoor companion preventing accidents! The shoes were designed for both genders. Due to the simple design, using complex or fancy materials can make the shoes a UNIQUE pair of sneakers!


Valerie Baby Flip-flop PDF Pattern

Want the perfect children's gift to keep feet cool during the hot summer? The Valerie Baby Flip Flops are the perfect pair of sandals! I made these during the hot summer season hoping for something cool for the babies to wear. With a corsage set included in the pattern, the flip flop can easily be a gorgeous shoes. The meticulous design wraps the feet to hold the heel while walking! Start these fantastic flip flops today!


Hooded Baby Kimono Wrap Jacket PDF Pattern

A very cute kimono wrap jacket for your little one! The hood is great to keep heads and necks warm when the jacket is made with a warm fabric, or to keep the sun off when it is made with a light fabric. The wrap design makes for a snuggly wrap that is easy(er) to put on a squirmer and will accommodate the large of head. Easily made super girly, super boyish, or unisex, this jacket will suit all bubs!


FREE - Owen Baby Bib PDF Pattern

The Owen Baby Bib is a cute and simple baby bib with a wide design, useful for keeping your baby clean during mealtimes. This baby bib is super easy-to-make, taking no longer than an hour.



(3M-18M) Robert Baby Booties PDF Pattern

Not quite Mary Janes, not quite sneaker shoes, the Robert booties are a design of baby booties that is both comfortable to wear and easy to put on for both boys and girls. The pleats on the Robert Booties allow for more comfort to the baby when wearing it. In addition, these booties only require a tiny bit of fabric to make, and are absolutely adorable matched with a wide range of outfits, from dresses to overalls. Make Robert booties and give a lovely, personal gift for your new niece or friend's baby daughter.


Casey Baby Apron& Bandana PDF Pattern

The Casey Baby Apron is a cute and lovable baby apron with a unique design: while most aprons are roughly rectangular in shape with straight sides, this apron is semicircular with a rounded side and bottom. This gives it its playful look that makes it appropriate as a baby item. The Casey Baby Bandana is useful for keeping the hair out of your baby's face when cooking or baking. When worn together, the set creates a proper ld'cook lookrd' that your baby will love. Make your little kitchen assistant this perfect gift set and have a fun mother-child cooking session!



(1Y-5Y) Rowan T-Shirts PDF Pattern

A Rowan T-shirt that utilizes front openings and is designed to fit both boys and girls! Making the front opening may look intimidating but once you try it won't be too difficult to make! By creating multiple Rowan T-shirt in different colors, can be matched easily with any other articles of clothing. The t-shirt can be worn by boys and girls alike, you can also add your personal touch to it by adding some deacute;cor on the T-shirt. A classic piece that never goes out of style. Start this simple and everyday Rowan T-shirt for your little one today!


(3M-24M) Deliah Pixie Hat PDF Pattern

Ever imagined pixie hat for babies? Well the Delilah Pixie Hat is just that! A pattern designed just for beginners; it is approachable by all kinds of beginners! To have the best possible outcome of the Dalilah Pixie Hat, it is the best to first choose the exterior and lining. With the exterior and lining decided, consider the color of the bias since it can make a very eye-catching hat. Adding a corsage to the hat for the girls will also spice up the finished project. This piece is an adorable and fun hat that your little one can wear! Make this pixie hat for your little pixies!


Cordelia Ruffle Blouse PDF Pattern

The Cordelia Blouse compliments the adorable chubby cheeks of a baby! Whether you are going out for a short walk or a family outing, this blouse will be fit and ready for all situations. Not only is the design fashionable but it also happens to be easy to wear. If the weather is getting a bit chilly, there is no need to worry as this blouse can be worn under a simple cardigan. This pattern is recommended for intermediate to confident sewers who would like a decent challenge. Start on this fantastic project today!