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Becky Clutch Bag PDF Pattern

The Becky clutch Bag is a light weighted bag, designed to be comfortable all day long. This project can be made using various kinds of materials such as leather, suede, or any common cotton fabric. A smart and functional tote that translates through seasons and events, this light weighted bag can be used all day as it's designed for comfort and ease! Due to its elegant proportions, you can transition from casual to formal effortlessly. The project can both be a clutch and shoulder bag. Start your own Becky Bag today!


Callie Bag PDF Pattern (#3299)

A unique zipper baguette bag perfect for the coming spring and summer season. This lightweight bag is just perfect as an everyday bag to be styled with your casual outfits. Because of the convenient zipper and patched leather design, it is not only stylish but durable and handy on the long run. Moreover, with the bag’s perfectly petite yet spacious design you can easily store your everyday belongings with no struggle. Start the fun and unique everyday bag today!


Cassandra 2 Styles Mini Cross Bag PDF Pattern

The Cassandra Bags are two petite bags with different designs. The bag can be made using various kinds of materials such as leather, suede, or any common cotton fabric. It can be held on the hand simply on a quick outing. A light-weight bag that can be held all day, the Cassandra Bags was designed to be comfortable for the long haul. Its size is ideal for holding your basic necessities such as phones, lipsticks, and small wallets. A simple and adorable design! Start the Cassandra Bags today!


FREE - Caroline Clutch PDF Pattern

This darling little bag tucks perfectly into your palm. Its tiny size is great if yours're looking to carry only a few items such as your cell phone and wallet, and as a result, it is ideal for use as a makeup bag or glasses carrier. This clutch may also be used as a Nintendo case. The Caroline Clutch pattern shows a fresh new way to create the bag corners that give the clutch its volume, and the oversized button decoration complements the cute character of the bag. The bonus of this bag's decoration is that you get the cuteness of the button without the hassle of actually having to use it when opening or closing the clutch. Everybody needs a cute little clutch or two. Why not start on one now?



Lisa Clutch Bag PDF Pattern

The Lisa Clutch Bag is vintage style clutch bag is specially designed to be either a clutch or a shoulder bag. This clutch can be perfectly tucked under your arm with ease and comfort. Due to its perfect size, it can hold basic necessities such as your phone, wallet, and any little makeup of own for on the go. The Lisa bag is both practical and beautiful. Although simple, this clutch can be accessorized with buttons of your choice! Make this stylish bag with leather, sued or cotton and still end up with a fantastic result. Don't hesitate and start the Lisa Bag now!


Madeline Bag PDF Pattern

The Madeline Bag is a fun and easy-to-make bag that looks amazing with patch-worked fabric. This novel pattern is very simple in style, its round shape giving the bag a laid-back and mellow look that is well-suited for sunny days. This bag matches well with casual attire and would be adorable when worn with canvas shoes in the summ


Martina Crossbag PDF Pattern

The Martina Crossbag is an excellent bag to have all-year round. Roomy enough to carry around all your essentials and more, it can easily serve as a diaper bag for moms and a school bag for students. In addition, the Martina Crossbag has an inside elastic pocket in its design that is helpful for separating the more important items- like keys, phone, and wallet- and placing them within easy reach. This bag goes well with casual wear, such as jeans and a t-shirt. Made with bright-coloured fabric or fabrics with light, pastel tones, the Martina Crossbag is fit for the spring and summer seasons, whereas using darker colours will make it appropriate for fall and winter.


Patched Hobo Bag PDF Pattern

Featuring a hobo-bag design with a patched work exterior, the Patched Hobo Bag is a unique project that can be altered to your tastes! Utilizing both zippers & lining close, the bag is very practical able to store majority of all your belongings. If you prefer a shorter strap, then decreasing its length will allow for it to become a short shoulder bag. Start the Patched Hobo-Bag today!


Payley Wallet PDF Pattern

Tired of carrying around clunky and heavy purses? Then you should try the Paley Wallet! This wallet can be used as a small purse to carry the necessities. I would recommend using materials that have a strong color contrast. Then, by patching-working them together, you can create a one of a kind wallet that's just right for you. Based on a combination of a main fabric and bias, you can make a men's version as well as a children's version! Start on a special and unique gift today- the Paley Wallet!


Prudence Bag PDF Pattern - 2 Sizes

This bag is an adorable mini baguette bag perfectly trendy for the coming summer and spring season. Coming in two different sizes, you can choose whichever suits you! With mini baguette bags back on trend, this simple yet adorable pattern is perfect bag you might try out over the weekend. It's so simple that you can make a collections of these bags in different varieties. Moreover, this bag looks great on either side, if you want to go for a pleated chic look, you can carry it on the pleated side and if you want to emulate a classic but simple look you can go for the simple back. If you want a versatile yet trendy bag, this might be your next sewing project!


Rania Bag & Dasheill Bag PDF Pattern Combo 10% Off

Rania Bag PDF Pattern
Dasheill Bag PDF Pattern

$22.79 $20.51

Rania Bag PDF Pattern

A versatile and classy bag you can carry as your everyday bag! This pattern is just perfect because of its convenient size and shape, as it can hold your everyday belongings, novels, notebooks and more! Because of its ageless design you can carry this bag in any season fashionably without worries! Moreover, by mix and matching different materials together you can achieve a different look for each season. For the spring and summer season you can match a bright patterned fabric with cork as your accent on the handle and cover. While in the fall and winter season you can choose warm earth toned colors with a faux leather of your choice! Start this versatile luxurious bag now!


Sandra Bag PDF Pattern

The Sandra Bag; a shoulder bag with a fun and retro look. The bags slim profile make it ideal for wearing out on day-long trips. Thanks to its roomy interior, and multiple pockets the bag can store a large amount of your belongings with ease. Additionally, the bag makes an excellent diaper bag on a short outing. The Sandra Bag can be made using various kind of materials such as leather, suede, or any common cotton fabric. A handy and fashionable bag suited for any sewer! Start this adorable bag today!


Sylvia Bag PDF Pattern

The Sylvia Bag is a uniquely designed and simply made project that can be worn by anyone. This light-weight bag is designed for your comfort and can be held for the duration of the day. Due to its convenient proportion and size, this tote can be used for travel, trips to the market, books, laptops and basic essentials! Its spacious opening allows for easy access to your belongings. Whether you decide to make the bag with leather, suede or cotton, you will still end up with a fantastic result. Make it as a gift or add it to your own collection. Waste no time try out this beautiful project!


Tanya Wallet PDF Pattern

Wallets are an important item that everyone carries around almost everywhere, and it is even said that they are characteristic of their owners. However, many people stick with just one or two wallets for several years. This super-easy-to-make wallet would make a great extra or replacement wallet for yourself, and would be a charming present to give to your friends and family. It is also perfect to use as a cheque book. There are only 10 simple steps to this wallet-making process; also, if you Don't have any fabrics that measure 14rd'x 8rd', you can patchwork smaller fabrics that you have lying around the house and still end up with a stunning finished product-a patchwork wallet. So why not upgrade your wallet or give someone a useful gift? Make the stylish Tanya Wallet now!


Tina Clutch PDF Pattern

This lovable clutch is ld'as cute as a buttonrd' in the literal sense, and is an excellent choice for when you want to accessorize, but have no essential items to carry. This clutch is ld'as cute as a buttonrd' in the literal sense. The button on the front of it is the main point of this design, giving this clutch its lovable character. Because this clutch is rather slim, it is an excellent choice for when you want to accessorize, but have no essential items to carry. Just throw in your cell phone or compact, or even a pack of tissues, and yours're set. The pattern for The Tina Clutch is quite different from other I Think Sew clutches: the flap and back pieces of this bag are on one pattern rather than two, eliminating the extra step needed to attach the flap to the bag. As there is that one less step, this adorable clutch is well-suited for sewers of every level.