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Ciara Clutch FREE PDF Pattern

25 May, 2020 - 0 Comments

Download the pattern from here.

The Ciara Clutch is a simple clutch that can be perfectly tucked under your arm.  Due to its versatile design, combining fabrics and leather can create an eye-catching piece, however, making this bag with only leather will still yield tremendous results! This project is designed for sewers of all levels. Due to its elegant proportions, you can transition from casual to formal effortlessly. You won’t regret it! Outfit yourself with this elegant, stylish, and sophisticated looking bag today!


44” wide leather, artificial leather or faux leather
(1/2) Yard quarter for exterior fabric
(1) 13” Length, #5 close end metal zipper for bag
(1) 18mm (Cap Wide) X 25mm (Cap Height), Cap of tassel with lobster clasp hook, (Inside Diameter 12mm) (1 Set) for tassel
(1) Spool of coordinating thread
Non toxic fabric/leather glue

Ruler, Scissors, Chalk pencil, Pencil, Sewing machine, Pins, Needle, Shape tool, Screwdriver (for tassel cap), Awl

* Seam allowance 3/8” unless otherwise specified.
* All units are inches.

(2) Front and Back
(2) 1 3/8" width x 1 3/8” height for Zipper Ends
(1) 7” width x 2 1/2” height Leather piece for Tassels

Make the Zipper Ends

1) Place the zipper end onto the zipper with right sides together. Pin and stitch together, backstitching at both ends.

2) Fold the zipper end over. Topstitch the zipper end, 1/8” from the seam. Repeat this process for the other zipper end.

Attach the Zipper

1) Place the zipper onto the exterior piece with right sides together. Match the center. You will be able to see the wrong side of the zipper. Pin the zipper and exterior piece in place. Stitch together, sewing close to the zipper coils. Backstitch on both ends.

2) Fold the seam toward the front piece. Topstitch 1/8” away from the seam.

3) Attach the zipper to the back piece in the same manner.

4) Place the exterior front and back with right sides together. Pin and stitch together, backstitching at both ends. Make and attach the tassel. Check out how to make the tassel.

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