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Coppers and Copper Masks Part 3

24 July, 2020 - 0 Comments

There are many types of copper masks. Among them, when comparing Medifiber Blue Mask and Scasis CF Mask, the Medifiber mask is like its name sake a blue mask as opposed to the normal white mask. This is because a special fiber combining copper ions surrounds the outer surface of the mask. You can think of it as a form of applying an antibacterial film to the mask surface. And since this mask contains a replaceable interior it can be used multiple times by replacing the interior. This mask recommended for those who are concerned about the virus attached to the mask surface or those who think it is a waste to wear a disposable mask every day. However, it is necessary to pay special attention to surface contamination while using it.

The biggest strength for the Scasis CF Mask on the other hand is that since it is a material similar to clothe it can be used multiple times by just washing the mask after use. You can safely wash the mask up to 15 times before the effect starts to lessen. Since this product also uses copper ion yarn, it has an excellent antibacterial effect like the previous mask. The copper ions contained in the CF mask kill microorganisms that come in contact with it. Bacteria’s that come in contact with the ion thinking the copper to be food will absorb it, but once it’s absorbed the ion will create a hole in the cell membrane of the bacteria, causing the bacteria to die. However, this mask is not a not KF94 level mask. The rating for this mask is instead similar to that of a dental mask.

Hopefully this information about the antibacterial and sterilizing effects of copper masks have been helpful to you!

By Sue Kim

The image credit: Design vector created by freepik -

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