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Document Bag & Micro Belt Bag?!

09 March, 2021 - 0 Comments

Dolores Document Bag & Celine Belt Bag

I’ve designed both of these bags to be used together. Especially with the document bag being oversized and the belt bag being a mini hands free companion. I thought it would be great to pair them together. Recently having itty bitty bags are really trendy, and this Celine bag might really spice things up. What I really like about this is that it can actually be used on your own belt and can really be a great accessory for the whole outfit. But I got concerned because of the really small size - so I matched it with the Dolores Document Bag! That way you can store the bigger items along with the belt bag. 
Also, if you are someone who always has piles of papers and other office or school essentials, this bag will be a great companion to keep your documents in a safe fashion. 
Moreover, both of these bags will be on sale together at a 40% discount - 20% more than by itself!

Melt Blown Filter and  Water Resistant Non-Woven Fabric for KF Mask - 60% Off
iThinkSew provides mask patterns that can be used with various filters in a free form, and I know that many people take these mask patterns, make them, and use them. To further assist these individuals, we are providing filters used in the KF94 mask that can be inserted into a cloth mask. 
20 Yard Melt-blown Non-woven Mask Filter Fabric and 2 Rolls of Water Resistant Non-Woven Fabric 2 rolls are contained in one package. Based on this amount and a 13cm x 10cm filter, you can make up to 320 three layer mask filters at 22 cents per filter.

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