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Fusible Foam Backpack with Cargo Bag?!

02 March, 2021 - 0 Comments

Have you ever used fusible foam while making a backpack? Making this backpack with fusible foam will structure the backpack in a perfectly beautiful shape! There may be many of you guys who already use fusible foams, but for our beginner sewers, this is a great way to structure your bags. I don’t usually recommend a lot of materials to you guys, since it might be blocking you from being creative and exploring with materials. Especially with foam being a thicker material it would be difficult to handle than other materials. But this time I’ve been getting many requests to use it myself… and I did! The material was surprisingly easy to handle and was soft enough for the machine to sew through. Moreover, I would recommend using the fusible kinds since it really makes the design stick and creates this wonderful sturdy shape. 

Moreover, this bag is on sale with the Katy Bag for 40% off! While it is only 20% when it is bought alone. 
The Len Backpack is a unique and fun backpack that uses fusible foam to create a wonderful structured shape. 
Inspired by the Magali Backpack, the bag’s structure has a classic slanted zipper look that makes it perfect as your everyday bag. With the foam to form this minimalistic design, this new and fun design might be a great project to make over the weekend. Start the Len Backpack now!
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