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Girls Tiered Skirts FREE PDF PATTERN

14 May, 2020 - 0 Comments

Download the pattern from here.

Great for both indoor and outdoor wear, The Girls Tiered Skirt is a comfortable 3-tiered skirt for girls aged 3-8. This skirt is sewable in less than 2 hours, and is a great project for sewers of all levels. Made with a light fabric, this skirt will be appropriate for hot summer days, whereas making it with a heavier fabric, such as linen, will make it more suitable for the autumn season. Because the skirt has three layers, it can be made using one fabric; for a more colourful and unique piece, each layer can be made using a different piece of fabric.

SKIRT SIZE: Girls Ages 3-8y

58” wide light weight cotton
(1) Yard for exterior fabric
1 Yard of Elastic band
(1) Sewing label (Optional)
(1) Spool of coordinating thread

Ruler, Scissors, Chalk pencil, Pencil, Sewing machine, Pins, Needle, Shape tool

* 3/8” seam allowance included on the pattern. 1/2” double folded hem included on the pattern.
* All units are in inches.

Cut out the Fabric
Cut out the pieces using the measurements given below. Overlock the all seams.








 Top piece

 28”x 8 ½”

 29”x 9

 29”x 9 ½”

 30”x 10”

 31 ½”x 10 ½”

 34”x 11”

 Middle piece  

 42”x 6”

 43”x 6 ½”

 44”x 7”

 45”x 7 ½”

 47”x 8”

 54”x 8 ½”

 Bottom piece

 63”x 7”

 65”x 7 ½”

 66”x 8”

 68”x 8 ½”

 71”x 9”

 76”x 9 ½”

(1) Elastic Band
(1) Sewing Label (Optional)

Sew the Skirt

1) Fold the top piece in half widthwise with right sides together, and pin along the raw end seams. Backstitch on both ends. Sew the middle piece and the bottom piece in the same manner.

2) Sew 2 row running stitches along the middle piece.

3) Place the middle piece on the top piece with right sides together. Align the middle piece’s top seam with the top piece’s bottom seam. Pull the running stitch threads to match the bottom of the top piece. Baste the frills in place.

4) Pin and sew the middle piece to the top piece, backstitching on both ends.

5) Press the seam toward the top piece. Topstitch 1/8” away from the seam (Optional). Flip the center piece down. From the right side, the assembled center and top pieces will look like the picture below.

6) Repeat the steps 2-5 to sew the bottom piece to the middle piece.

7) To create the elastic band tube, double fold the top piece seam. First fold the 1/2” and then fold 1”, press. Pin and sew the bottom edge of the waist line, backstitching on both ends. Leave a gap for inserting the elastic band.

8) Insert the safety pin into the elastic band.

9) Insert the elastic into the opening. Push the elastic band all the way around the waist line of the skirt and pull it out at the desired length through the same opening.

10) Sew the ends of the elastic band. Cut the excess elastic.

11) Tuck in the raw seam of the opening and stitch it closed. Double fold the hem 1/2”. Pin and topstitch 1/4” away from the edge.

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