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How Can We Use DIY masks more effectively? (2)

19 April, 2020 - 0 Comments

There are many ways to make DIY masks, and ithinksew has 4 DIY masks patterns: Disposable Mask, Jean Mask with Filter Pocket, Center Darted Mask with Filter Pocket (2 Layers/ 3 Layers), and Facial Mask with Filter Pocket. First of all, Disposable Mask is a pattern like its namesake almost looks like the deposable masks sold on the market, which can be made quickly and easily. This pattern is designed for use in an emergency and at the absence of a disposable mask.

Jean Mask with Filter Pocket pattern is designed to make DIY masks easily by hand sewing if you want to make a DIY masks but don’t have a sewing machine at home.

The Center Darted Mask with Filter Pocket is a mask that can be made with a single fabric piece and a dart in the center. This makes it an easy mask to make and easy to shape it or style it, making it a popular mask among children and teenagers. There are two types of this pattern, the 2 layers version and 3 layers version. The 2 layers mask is good to use when it’s hot or when you need to work indoors for a long time because of it is less stuffy and more breathable.

2 layers: 2 Layer Center Darted Mask with Filter Pocket

3 layers: 3 Layer Center Darted Mask with Filter Pocket

Facial Mask with Filter Pocket is the most popular pattern on YouTube and our website, which many of our costumers downloaded. We would like to share how to make this Facial Mask with Filter Pocket.

Place the two outer pieces with right sides together. Pin and stitch the center edge, backstitching at both ends.

2 Clip the center seams of the mask.

3 Open and press the center seams of the outer piece. Topstitch both center seams as close as end of the seams. Repeat step 1 to step 3 for the inner piece and pocket piece.

4  Fold over the side seam of pocket 3/4” to the wrong side and press. Fold it over 3/4” again. Pin and sew along the folded edge, 1/8” away from the seam.

5  Facing up the right side of the inner piece and pocket. Place the filter pocket to the inner piece matching center. Pin and baste inner piece and pocket together.

6 Place the inner piece and outer piece with the right sides facing each other, matching the center. Pin and stitch all around the mask pieces together, leaving one short side open.

7 Clip the corner seams. Clip the round seams.

Turn the mask right side out through the opening then press. Fold the opening seam towards wrong side of the fabric. Then press.

9 Fold the both sides of the mask 1/2” toward inner side to make the elastic casing. Stitch the elastic casing 1/8” away from the edge. Repeat the same process to the other side of elastic casing.

10 Stitch the wire casing, leaving one side open.

11 Insert the wire into the opening of the wire casing. Close the opening.

12 Thread the elastic through the hole of the ear loop adjuster using a needle threader.

13 Thread the elastic through the elastic casing using a needle threader.

14 Tie the elastic.

15 Push the knot of the elastic into the elastic tube.  Adjust the elastic using ear loop adjuster. Attach the elastic for the other side in the same manner.

16 Attach the elastic for the other side in the same manner

17 Insert the filter through the pocket opening. Or insert another layer of material through the pocket opening for extra protection.

If you need more details: Facial Mask with Filter Pocket

As sanitation has become more crucial, it is important to wash your masks clean after making it. Especially, if you used jeans or T-shirts as the material, extra care may be needed. Also, we recommend not reusing the mask without washing it.

If you want to use masks but it’s difficult for you to get them, it would be not a bad idea to try to make DIY masks that can be used with filters like these. All of us here, at ithinksew, hope that everyone is able to remain healthy during these troubling times. Stay safe and happy sewing!

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