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How to make the Lining Zipper Pocket

07 May, 2020 - 0 Comments

Let's make the Lining Zipper Pocket! 

1) Draw the zipper line onto the wrong side of zipper pocket piece as indicated on the pattern. Place the zipper pocket piece onto the fabric with right side together. Pin and stitch in an rectangular shape. Backstitch on starting and ending points.

2) Cut out the inside as indicated on the zipper pocket pattern.

3) Insert the fabric toward the wrong side of lining.

4) Press the seam. The right side of fabric will look like the picture.

5) Match the zipper's right side with the fabric’s wrong side, pin in place and stitch in a rectangular shape.

6) Flip the fabric piece, so you can see the wrong side of the fabric. Place the other zipper pocket piece with right sides together. Stitch in a rectangular shape. Stitch only the two zipper pocket pieces.

Video Tutorial

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