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Kids Book Bag FREE PDF Pattern

15 June, 2020 - 0 Comments

Download the pattern from here

The Kids Book Bag is a must for all children who like to carry their belongings around! Specially designed to hold books, this bag is also useful for carrying other things. Additionally, with a convenient webbing leather handle, this stylish bag is both practical and beautiful. Although its title emphasizes its practicality for kids, it can easily be used for adults to carry books as well! Try creating a quilt with four different colors. This allows you to create the perfect book bag to fit your style.


44" wide heavyweight home decorator or quilting weight cotton
(1/2) Yard for exterior fabric
(1/2) Yard for lining
(1/2) Yard of 44" wide heavy weight fusible interfacing
(2) 15 1/2" length of 1" width Leather Handle or Webbing
(1) Yards of double folded bias tape
(1) Spool of coordinating thread

Ruler, Scissors, Chalk pencil, Pencil, Sewing machine, Pins, Needle, Shape tool

* Seam allowance 1/4" unless otherwise specified.
* All units are in inches.

(20) 2 1/4" width x 2 1/4" height square pieces
(1) Front Center piece
(1) Back piece
(1) 1 3/4" width x 26" height for Top Bias
(2) Front and Back pieces
(2) 12 1/2" width x 9 1/4" height for Front and Back pieces
(2) 1" width x 15 1/2" height Leather Handles or Webbings

Make the Front Side

1) Place a 2 1/4” square on another 2 1/4” square with right sides together. Pin and sew along one side.

2) Press the seam open. Repeat for all the other horizontal rows of squares.

3) Place the first row on the second with right sides together. Pin and sew along one side.

4) Repeat until 10 pieces are sewn together. Repeat this process for the other front side.

Attach the Front Center Panel & Side Panels

1) Place the center panel facing right side up. Put one side panel onto the center panel with the straight edges together, and right sides facing. Pin the center panel and side panel together, Stitch the panels using a 1/4” seam allowance.

2) Iron the seam toward the center panel. Turn the panel over to the front, and press the seam again. Topstitch on the center panel, 1/8” away from the seam. Attach the remaining center panel and side panels in the same manner.

Make the Exterior

1) With right sides together, pin the exterior front piece and back piece. Sew around the bag using a 1/4” seam allowance. Sew from one side, across the bottom, and up the other side. Back tack on both ends.

2) Turn the bag right side out.

Make the Lining

1) Assemble the lining in the same manner as the exterior.

Assemble the Exterior and Lining

1) Place the lining into the exterior with wrong sides together.

2) Match the lining and exterior edges. Pin and baste them together, matching the seams.

Bias Binding

1) Open the bias strip and pin to the top of the bag matching the edges. Fold in and pin one edge of the strip 1/4”.

2) Allow the unfolded edge of the bias strip to overlap the folded edge. Sew the bias strip onto the bag.

3) Fold the bias strip over the edge of the bag tucking in the fold edge on the inside of the bag. Pin and topstitch near the bottom edge of the bias.

Attach the Strap

1) Fold the end of the webbing strap 1/4", and sew.

2) Place the handle onto the front piece with right sides together. Lay the strap 2” from the top and 2” from the center. Sew in a rectangular then sew again across each corner. Attach the other handle in the same manner.

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