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2 Compartments iPad/Tablet PC Corine Bag PDF Pattern

The Corine Bag is a casual sporty cross bag made for all genders of all ages. The ideal size of this bag makes it the perfect companion for outings as it is not too big, yet not too small! The bag can be made using various kinds of materials such as leather, suede, or any common cotton fabric. A light-weight bag that can be held all day, the Corine Bag was designed to be comfortable for the long haul. Start the Corine Bag today!


Aurora Big Boston Bag PDF Pattern

Aurora Big Bag is a project great for long vacations to a simple day out. Thanks to the numerous pockets provided in the bag, it’s absolutely perfect for carrying anything small to big in an organized fashion! Assembling the pockets and zippers might be intimidating to beginners, therefore the recommended level would be intermediate ? or maybe even confident beginners with guidance! With its countless number of inside pockets, it fits perfectly as a diaper bag or the go to companion for your long vacations. Whatever your needs may be, try the Aurora Big Bag today!


Darnella Macbook and Tablet Pouches PDF Pattern

The Darnella MacBook and Tablet Pouches is the perfect essential who loves to carry their laptops and tablets in their bag. Keep your MacBook and tablet safely in this stylish yet convenient pouches now! The pouches not only serves as a sleeve but also a great pouch for basic essentials, such as notes, pencil case, makeup and more! Additionally you can store your cords and mouse safely in the tablet pouch instead. Carry your MacBook essentials in organized fashion! Start the Darnella pouches now!


Deanna V Shape Bag PDF Pattern

The Chelsea Bag is a bag that's not too big or too small, and it also quite roomy due to the gusset in its design. Whether the bag is made with leather, suede or cotton, it will still end in a fantastic result. This bag is a sleek modern piece that will be sure to add style to any outfit. Thanks to its spacious design, it's absolutely perfect for carrying anything in an organized fashion! The bag is not only fashionable but is a comfortable and convenient companion for office environments and more! Don't hesitate and start the Chelsea Bag.


Free Rander Laptop Bag PDF Pattern

Everybody loves to try new free patterns out. A FREE laptop bag that is worn across the body that can store your laptop safely. If you are a beginner to sewing and want to improve your sewing skills, this might be a good piece to challenge yourself. Moreover, with pockets on the inside and outside of the bag you can store almost all of your basic need or more with your laptop! Make your own version of the Rander Laptop Bag!



Frieda Bag PDF Pattern

The Frieda Bag is a simple bag that is perfectly suited for beginners! Because the Frieda bag can be held by hand or on your shoulders, it can be carried comfortably anywhere. Patch working different kinds of material for the bag will give your bag its own unique flair! A light weighted bag that can worn all day, this bag was designed to be comfortable for the long haul. Try this comfortable yet stylish bag today!


Harley Briefcase PDF Pattern

Harley Laptop Briefcase! A bag that's not short on it's own share of pockets and space! Making the bag as a laptop case is strongly recommended! And since the bag was designed for both genders, it will make a great gift to anyone! A casual bag that's great as a gift for someone else or as a gift for yourself! The Harley Briefcase is the best bag for anyone!


Kayce Briefcase PDF Pattern

The Kayce Briefcase features a casual and trendy design that is perfect for everyday use. With its stylish look and practical storage, this bag can carry all sorts of things without any worries making it perfect for work or school! In addition, you can carry the Kayce Briefcase by hand or on your shoulder allowing for hands free use! Start the Kayce Briefcase today!


Larissa Thin Laptop Bag PDF Pattern

The Larissa Laptop Bag is a gadget friendly bag, that's perfect for the students and workers that have their laptops with them 24/7. The ideal size of this bag makes it the perfect companion for outings as it is not too big, yet not too small! It can be made using various kinds of materials such as leather, suede, or any common cotton fabric. The bag's pockets, designed to store small items, allow for easy access to your most important belongings while keeping them safe. Keep your gadgets and cords tidy in this convenient bag! Start the Larissa Bag today!


Liam Laptop Bag PDF Pattern

The Liam Bag Beginners can take a shot at this bag with mild difficulty because of its simplicity. With the unique zipper pocket compliments the convenience of the bag while still being equally elegant and stylish. No problem! In addition to the bag's large storage capacity, the accessible pockets on the front and back makes it easy to get small belongings in and out of the bag. You can store your phone and small essentials in the zipper pocket for quicker and easier access! Start the Liam Bag today!


Niel Laptop Backpack PDF Pattern

The Neil Laptop Backpack is a practically designed companion to hold almost anything and everything in your bag with security. This project has multiple pockets around the bag, in the bag, some hidden under and in-between which can come in handy for any occasions! This project can be a great bag as school bag or as a travel sack. Moreover, the backpack's front pocket and lining divider pocket allows you to store your laptops and tablets; making it a wonderful bag for students! A backpack that is a must need when you want to keep your belongings equally accessible yet safe in a unique fashion. Start the Neil Laptop Bag.!


Odeya Bag (2 sizes) PDF Pattern

The Odeya Bag is a trendy duo that includes two different patterns for the price of one. Due to its easily accessible front pocket, you can store your favorite essentials with ease. A perfect project for anyone looking for a large and unique bag, suitable for beginners. Make it as a gift or add it to your own collection. A perfect companion for any season, for any reason, outfit yourself with this elegant, stylish and sophisticated bag today!


Samuel Laptop Bag PDF Pattern

The Samuel Laptop Bag features a casual and stylish design that is perfect for everyday use! Its spacious pleated front pockets and lining pocket divider make this bag a great option for carrying your belongings on your long school/work day! Moreover, this bag can be held by hand or can be carried on your shoulders, allowing you to comfortably carry the bag anywhere! Don't hesitate and start the Samuel Laptop Bag project now! Patterns Includes: What you need Describes each step detailed with pictures Computer drawn accurate actual size patterns Double cap rivet instruction provided. Snap instruction provided. Zipper pocket divider instruction provided. Zipper install instruction provided. Letter/A4 paper size pattern both provided.