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Roseline Fold Over Bag PDF Pattern

Roseline Bag is a is a unique fold over bag with adorable pleats that compliments the stout design. Any confident beginners will be able to sew this beautiful bag and gain more experience for future projects. Additionally, by contrasting the bag with a colorful zipper, you can create a bag that is like no other! An effortless and fun project suited for all sewers, start this convenient, yet stylish bag today!


Rowen Backpack PDF Pattern

The Rowen backpack! A satchel backpack made for both style and comfort. It is recommended to use dark brown materials for a great natural look. The ideal size of this bag makes it the perfect companion for outings as it is not too big, yet not too small! Looking for a bag that can be used every day, can carry your belongings, but isn't too bulky? A charming backpack suitable for confident beginners or simply a great project for anyone looking for a convenient, and trendy bag; start the Rowen backpack today!


Roxanna Clutch PDF Pattern

The Roxanna Bag is a pretty little piece that is easy enough for beginners to make. It may be made into a purse bag with a long strap that's worn on or across the shoulder, or for those of you who prefer bags with short handles, the strap may be adjusted so the bag becomes a regular purse. The final decision on the length of the strap is up to you. The bag is quite roomy, because of the darts in its design. It is ideal for long trips on which you require few essential items, as it'll save you the extra exhaustion of carrying it around with your hands. Let's add this lovely curvaceous bag to our collection! * Spanish (Castilian) Instructions Included With English Instructions


Rozalind Backpack PDF Pattern

The Rozalind Backpack is a unique and convenient bag. With its stylish look and practical storage, this bag can carry all sorts of things without any worries! The ideal size of this bag makes it the perfect companion for outings as it is not too big, yet not too small! It can be made using various kinds of materials such as leather, suede, or any common cotton fabric. Additionally, the bag is designed to be worn on your shoulder and as a simple backpack! Start the Rozalind Backpack!


Rubens Travel Backpack PDF Pattern

The Rubens Travel Backpack is a simple bag inspired by the Lionel Drawstring Bag, but adjusted the pattern so it can durable in any occasians! A simple sac designed for all genders and ages. it's simple and easy steps can be a great project for beginners! The bag is greatly suitable for trips to gym or to the park. Also, when carrying heavy number of items, we designed the bag's drawstring to be tied together, for it can be easier and safer for the bag close. The Ruben Travel Backpack is created for men, women, and children alike! Start the Rubens Travel Backpack now!


Ruther Backpack PDF Pattern

The Ruther Backpack! A large bag with convenient proportions, suited for long trips and vacations in the summer. Due to its simple and quick steps anyone can enjoy this without any uneasiness. Thanks to its front zipper pocket, the backpack touts a respectable amount of storage options for small belongings. With its stylish look and practical storage, this bag can carry all sorts of things without any worries making it perfect for work or school! A charming backpack suitable for confident beginners or just a great project for anyone who is looking for a large, convenient, and trendy bag! The Ruther Back Pack is the perfect project for you!


Sandra Bag PDF Pattern

The Sandra Bag; a shoulder bag with a fun and retro look. The bags slim profile make it ideal for wearing out on day-long trips. Thanks to its roomy interior, and multiple pockets the bag can store a large amount of your belongings with ease. Additionally, the bag makes an excellent diaper bag on a short outing. The Sandra Bag can be made using various kind of materials such as leather, suede, or any common cotton fabric. A handy and fashionable bag suited for any sewer! Start this adorable bag today!


Sapphire Backpack & Brenna MacBook Bag PDF Pattern - 10% Off!

Sapphire Backpack PDF Pattern and Brenna MacBook Bag PDF Pattern combo

$22.36 $20.12

Sapphire Backpack PDF Pattern

New Release Sale 20% Off
Original Price: $9.50
Sale Ends: Mar 6th, 2021

The Sapphire Backpack interesting design that features three different ways to carry the bag. As it is named as a backpack it can be worn on the back like any other backpack, along with the small handle. What makes this bag really special is the shoulder strap, as you can carry the bag not only on your back but also your shoulders! With the simply designed pocket design, you wonrs't have to struggle making the pockets too. But the best part is the size, its absolutely perfect for book lovers, office workers, students and more. It can easily store a few books and notes along with your everyday belonging! Start the Sapphire Backpack. A unique and convenient bag!


Sara Bag PDF Pattern

The Sara Bag is a shoulder bag with a simple yet graceful design. While the bag's shape is long overall, it has a large body that can carry many items. The great thing about The Sara Bag is that it is reversible; if you tire of one look, you can always flip it inside out and experience a whole new one. So it is a good idea when selecting your fabrics to coordinate the colors. This bag is ideal as a diaper bag or as a light picnic bag. In fact, it is good for any kind of short excursion such as a trip to the library or to the zoo. Add this lovely flowing bag to your bag collection. Let's start making it now! ra' PDF


Savannah Clutch PDF Pattern

The Savannah Clutch is a simply designed clutch, perfect for any occasion! This project can be made using various kinds of materials such as leather, suede, or any common cotton fabric! An effortless and fun project suited for all sewers! Don't hesitate to start the Savannah Clutch now!


Seth Bag PDF Pattern

The Seth Bag is an adorable shoulder bag simply made for anyone to carry anywhere! The size of this bag is perfect for storing your everyday essentials and more! This bag is a great project is a great personal addition to your collection and a beautiful gift. It can be made using various kinds of materials such as leather, suede, or any common cotton fabric. A wonderful project for anyone looking for a fantastically versatile bag, start your own Seth Bag today


Sheila Bag PDF Pattern

The Sheilia Bag is a unique and stylish bag designed to be carried lightly everyday. With the diagonally installed exterior zipper pockets you can easily access your smaller items that are frequently used. This project is designed to be a compact and a light weight bag that can be easily styled with your wardrobe. A simple yet stylish design perfect for the minimalistic carriers. Start the Sheilia Bag now!


Shelby Bag PDF Patterns (2 Size)

The Shelby Bag is a unique kind of bag with pleats on the front. It's a perfectly sized bag that can be held without effort. The project includes two different sizes, allowing you to choose a bag that best suits your needs. Further, the bag's versatile design allows the sewer to combine fabrics and colors with ease. Make this beautiful bag with leather, sued or cotton and still end up with a fantastic result! Its spacious opening allows for easy access to your belongings. Due to its perfect size, you can carry the things that you need for your day out. Start this one of a kind bag now!


Shelly Backpack PDF Pattern

The Shelly Backpack is a big bag perfectly designed for big carriers and students. This project is created for men, women, and children alike! Its big size is ideal for laptops, books and more. It also features a curvy and unique gusset design. It is recommend using dark brown materials for a great natural look. The bag is not only fashionable, but is a comfortable and convenient companion for office environments and more! Don't hesitate and start the Shelly Backpack.


Sienna 2 Kinds Bag PDF Pattern

The Sienna Bag is a stylish bag that comes with two different sizes! This project can be made using various kinds of materials such as leather, suede, or any common cotton fabric. Due to its perfect size and fit, this bag can be used for short trips, days at the office, or as a school bag! don’t hesitate to add the new project to your collection!


Sierra Bag PDF Pattern

The Sierra Bag is a perfect kind of bag for a quick getaway. Not only is it fashionable but also stylishly convenient for you to utilize in a daily basis. Make this bag with canvas or coated fabric for a more durable and sturdy outcome. This project is a great companion for travelers with files and documents. This bag has a handle long enough to be stacked and tucked onto your carrier making it perfect as a carry-on bag for your flight. Start this convenient and handy bag!


Sophia Zipper Bags PDF Pattern

This is a zipper bag with cute pleats in the front and an adjustable handle that will make it convenient for carrying around. I decorated the larger-sized bag with a volumed corsage and pearl beads in order to give it an elegant look. The smaller-sized bag is a perfect size to be used as a travel-pouch. The Sophia Zipper bag's handles may also be adjusted to the desired length of between 22-26rd'. Anyone can make this zipper bag by simply following the instructions step-by-step:even those who have no experience with attaching zippers will find this an easy bag to make. Using an all-purpose zipper will make it even easier. Let's start~~


Sorena Fringe Cross Bag PDF Pattern

The Sorena Fringe Cross Bag is a simple yet trendy cross bag styled with fringes. Learn how to make and use fringes. Use both suede and fabric to make a unique bag all your own! It's simple, fun, trendy and beautiful! Start your Sorena Fringe Cross Bag today!


Stacey Triple Zipper Layered Pouches PDF Pattern

The Stacey Pouches comes in two different patterns can be used in two different ways! The smaller pouch can be used for your phone, cables, and other small electronic accessories. It can be held as a clutch and used as a pouch! The bigger pouch is great for holding files, papers, books and essentials! The small pockets on the front and back can be used to store smaller belongings such as pens, note pads, and even to-go cosmetics. Multipurpose and convenient pouches; start the Stacey Pouches today!


Stephanie Bag PDF Pattern

The Stephanie Bag is a unique project with a large pocket on the front placed for both convenience & appeal. The large pocket allows users to store small belongings with ease. A bag that's not short on pockets and space, the Stephanie Bag serves many functions such as a garden bag, diaper bag, or even a camera bag. This bag ranges from beginner to intermediate sewing levels. A perfect companion for any occasion! Start this charming bag today!


Teagan Backpack & Lynn Bag PDF Pattern Combo (#3314) - 10% Off

Original Price: $18.00
Teagan Backpack PDF Pattern
Lynn Bag PDF Pattern

$23.00 $20.70

Teagan Backpack PDF Pattern (#3313)

The Teagan Backpack is a versatile and durable laptop bag, that can be a great companion in offices, schools and alike. This project is created for men, women, and children alike! Its size is ideal for laptops, books and more. Thanks to its numerous pockets, the backpack touts a respectable amount of storage options for small belongings. When making it with leather you can easily style it with your everyday clothes. This bag is recommended for the everyday-backpack carriers, who simply love to take their medium sized backpack everywhere. Start the teagan backpack.


The Lana Zipper Pouches PDF Pattern

Including 4 different pouch patterns, the Lana Zipper Pouches is a combo package for all your outing needs! As a perfect companion for your purse, the pouches are a sure help to organize & clean up all of your needs. With two pouches - the pleats & plain - and each coming in a large & small version, there are a total of four different pouch projects included. The small pouch is best fit to hold little accessories such as pencils and hair pins while the large pouch can fit the cosmetics! Suitable as a gift or for your personal use, start making the Lana Zipper Pouch today!


The Uptown Hobo Bag PDF Pattern

A sleek, stylish hobo with a flap for showing off unique hardware, a button or two, or a brooch. Cool enough to take anywhere, large enough for all your necessities and more.


Tiegan Bag PDF Pattern (#3541)

The Tiegan bag is a fun and versatile shoulder bag that is perfect for any season. This compact purse is a perfect little bag for any day out, the prism shape allows you to add more than other smaller bags while also being fashionable. The best part about this bag is the unique curvy design on the front of the bag, as it allows more layers to the design while also being simple and minimalistic. Don’t hesitate and start the Tiegan bag!


Tiffany Bag PDF Pattern (2 Size)

The Tiffany Bag is an adorable duo that includes two different patterns for the price of one. Both patterns are suited for beginning sewers & allows for a fun yet charming project! The opening of the bag is fixed with an elastic band so accessing your belongings can be done with ease. The elastic opening, additionally, creates a unique ruffle to your bags exterior design! Looking for a unique, easy and practical bag? The Tiffany Bag is the answer for you!


Tonya Bag PDF Pattern

The Tonya Bag was designed for the person who wants to carry it all! This novel pattern is very simple in style. Its round shape gives the bag a laid-back and mellow look that is well-suited for any occasion. Utilizing fabrics with flowers or geometric prints are recommended to help further characterize this bag. This bag is a perfect project that is a great personal addition to your collection and a beautiful gift. A light-weighted bag that can be worn all day, this bag was designed to be comfortable for the long haul. Its size allows for excellent storage capacity, leaving room for your basic needs. Start on the Tonya Bag today and have the perfect bag for all your needs!


Trish Laptop Backpack PDF Pattern

The Trish Laptop Backpack is a multipurpose backpack with practical storage and stylish design. This fun project can fit up to a 15rd' laptop. The laptop pocket strap secures and makes sure that your device doesn't shift in the bag keeping it safe. This bag is designed for all men, women, and children alike! The bag is recommended to students with laptops and text books. With or without a laptop this bag is equally convenient. A project everyone will certainly enjoy making and using! Start the Trish Laptop Bag today!


Troy convertible Tote Backpack PDF Pattern

The Troy Convertible Tote Backpack is a unique and convenient bag you can wear on a daily basis without the bag being too bulky. This is a specially designed backpack or tote bag that you can freely use in either way you wish. When you pull out the handle on the backpack side you can carry it as a tote bag while when you prefer to wear it as a backpack you can use the two straps tuck it on your shoulders! This is great for college students who carry laptops, iPads, since it can hold both items safely while giving comfort of wearing it in multiple different ways. Don’t hesitate and try making these bags and experience the comfort of having a tote bag and a backpack!


Two-Sizes Suki Japanese Knot Bag PDF Pattern

The Suki Japanese Knot Bag comes with two unique bags. The larger stout design is suited for heavier objects as it can be held on the shoulder and it has a spacious interior. The smaller bag is best for light objects. Its small design is great for special occasions and night outs. A unique one of a kind bag! Start your Suki Japanese Knot Bag now!


Tye Toddler Backpack PDF Pattern

The Tye Toddler Backpack has a classic zipper backpack with a small pocket on the front of the bag. With its casual look and practical storage, this bag can carry all sorts of things without any worries, making it perfect for little outings or even preschool. It is a fun petite bag that will be a great companion for your toddler! Looking for a bag that can be used every day, can carry little toddler trinkets? Well the Tye Backpack is THE bag for your toddler! Start the Tye Backpack now!


Velma Tote Bag PDF Pattern

The Velma Tote Bag is a classically designed and simply made project that can be worn by just about anyone. Due to its convenient proportion and size, this tote can be used for travel, in markets, carrying books, laptop and essentials! With multiple pockets it can secure your everyday belongings and items in an organized way. The project can be made using various kinds of materials such as leather, suede, or any common cotton fabric. A perfect companion for any season, for any reason, outfit yourself with this elegant, stylish and sophisticated bag today!


Vicky Backpack PDF Pattern

Vicky Backpack is a charming backpack suitable for the confident beginners! Thanks to its numerous pockets, the backpack touts a respectable amount of storage options for small belongings. Unlike any other backpack projects, I attached a ladder lock buckle. This buckle allows for the strap's length to be adjusted with ease. As a result the Vicky Backpack makes it perfect for anybody! A fun project for all leveled sewers, start it today!


Victoria Clutch PDF Pattern

The Victoria Clutch is a fancy ruffle clutch, great to accessorize with for dressy occasions. Named for its Victorian style, this clutch's flamboyant frills are a definite eye-catcher. Although The Victoria Clutch isn't difficult to make, the pleating process may be confusing for beginners, and so it is recommended for more advanced or experienced sewers. It is best to use thin fabric when making this clutch, as using a thick fabric will make it hard to create the pleats. For this clutch to turn out well, it is good to use quilting weight cotton for the bag and ruffle and home decor for the lining. Create this magnificent clutch yourself, and bring a little bit of Victorian to this day and age!


Winona Tote Bag & Cindy Cross Bag PDF Pattern Combo - 10% Off!

10% Off
Original Price: $17.50

Winona Tote Bag & Cindy Cross Bag PDF Pattern Combo

$22.36 $20.12

Winona Tote Bag PDF Pattern

The Winona Tote Bag is a casual every day bag that is durable on the long run. Thanks to its handy extra shoulder strap, you can wear this bag across your body for comfort and versatility. The bag's patched design allows you to be adventurous with the choice of fabric, making it fun for sewers to explore in different materials like, faux leather, cork, paper fabric and more! Moreover, this bag is the ultimate companion for school, office and so much more because of its perfect size, ageless design and convenient straps. Start the Winona Tote Bag today!


Yuni Messenger Bag PDF Pattern

The Yuni Messenger Bag features a casual and stylish design that is perfect for everyday use! Its spacious pleated front pockets and lining pocket divider make this bag a great option for carrying your belongings on your long school/work day! Thanks to the numerous pockets provided in the bag, it's absolutely perfect for carrying anything small to big in an organized fashion! Moreover, this bag can be held by hand or can be carried on your shoulders, allowing you to comfortably carry the bag anywhere! A bag that's not short on its own share of pockets and space! Start the Yuni Messenger Bag now!