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Mix and Match Seasonal Bag!

16 March, 2021 - 0 Comments

Rania Bag

This bag is something I had really fun making because it can look totally different depending on the material I used. Especially because of its cover and handle, it really made me think creatively, mixing colours and textures together. If you love to use cork, faux leather, paper fabric and other materials. This project might be your next one! In the spring and summer season you can make this bag with cork and colourful fabric while in the fall and winter you can make it with heavier materials and vegan leather. If you love make something fun but not too exotic, this classic bag is what you might want to try out! I hope you have fun making this bag!
If you buy this in a combo with the Dashiell Bag you will get this bag for 40% off! While you only get 20% sale alone! If you don’t have the Dashiell bag make sure to check the combo out!
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