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Multi-pocket Gadget Wallet & Triangular Skating Bag?!

19 January, 2021 - 0 Comments

Nellie Bag - 40% Off

I designed this triangular bag to mimic the skating bag that my daughter used to use when she took skating classes. I always thought these triangular bags could be used in a really clever way. Because of its triangular shape, the opening can actually fit perfectly to your comfort when it is worn across the body. This also allows you to easily access your items! But… I just want to tell you to see the pictures of the bag yourself! You’ll definitely be intrigued!
Macaulay Gadget Wallet - 20% Off
This handy little wallet is designed to keep your everyday phone, wires and cards organized all together in a neat fashion. I don’t use this wallet when I am on an everyday errand but I always keep this guy when I’m off to work. It keeps all of my work essentials like USB, charging cables, earphones, and even my wallet all together – I don’t need to worry about where everything is! If you're someone who needs to store itty bitty important things, this has to be your next project! Moreover, a video tutorial has been uploaded for this pattern for your pleasure. 

This Week's new release
Nellie Cross Bag PDF Pattern - 40% off
Macaulay Gadget Wallet PDF Pattern with Video Tutorial 20% off

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