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How to Attach the Snaps 22 April, 2020 - 0 Comments
The caps (and posts) have a long prong that stick out, while the sockets and studs each have a center hole. The prong is poked through the fabric and then comes up through the hole of a socket or stud. The cap and the socket are one set, while the stud and post are one set. The instructions on how to attach the snaps are as follows.
The Sherrie Mini Laptop/Tablet Sleeveā€™s are a fun and simple project for people who carry small laptops or tablets in a daily basis. With the zipper pocket and exterior pocket, you can store your laptop necessities like your phone charger, headphones, USB and more! This sleeve not only can be used as laptop sleeves but can also be a great use for tablets and books. Make a safe little home for your gadget! Start the Sherrie Mini Laptop Sleeve today!
There are many ways to make DIY masks, and ithinksew has 4 DIY masks patterns: Disposable Mask, Jean Mask with Filter Pocket, Center Darted Mask with Filter Pocket (2 Layers/ 3 Layers), and Facial Mask with Filter Pocket. First of all, Disposable Mask is a pattern like its namesake almost looks like the deposable masks sold on the market, which can be made quickly and easily. This pattern is designed for use in an emergency and at the absence of a disposable mask.