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Reliable and Safe: The Melt-blown Filters Part1

17 November, 2020 - 0 Comments

In this article I will be introducing the MB Filter, which is one of the most effective filters and one of the safest medical grade filters out there. MB filter, short for melt-blown filter, is classified as a type of nonwoven fabric. This filter is used as a core raw material for high-grade health masks like the KF 94 by trapping fine dust or viruses through the electrostatic method.

A melt-blown nonwoven fabric is an aggregate of three-dimensional fibers that are made up of microfibers that are diameter of 10 µm or less that mutually bond to form a spider-like structure.

The process of making a melt-blown first involves, a polymer such as polypropylene to be melted and spun through a nozzle. Upon spinning, high temperature and high-pressure air is applied to the molten polymer (Poly Propylene) to elongate and micronized. The filter is then laminated on a conveyor belt in that state and bonded through self-adhesiveness by residual heat to form a nonwoven fabric.

The created melt-blown is inserted into the center of the mask in the form of a filter to filter out small particles such as fine dust. The Melt-blown is an eco-friendly and human-friendly material compared to the existing glass fiber. In addition, due to the use of urethane-based materials, it has excellent elastic recovery power and can be used for a long continuous use.

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By Sue Kim

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