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Shoulder Bags

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Clara Zipper Bag PDF Pattern with Video Tutorial

Clara Zipper Bag is a comfortable bag that can be held casually every day. The large size of the bag can allow it to fit anything that needs to be held during your day out. Thanks in due to the large opening, you can place your items in & out with ease. Utilizing leather handle is the best suited for the bag as it stylizes well with the design. Start this beautiful and yet convenient bag now!


Winona Tote Bag PDF Pattern

The Winona Tote Bag is a casual every day bag that is durable on the long run. Thanks to its handy extra shoulder strap, you can wear this bag across your body for comfort and versatility. The bag's patched design allows you to be adventurous with the choice of fabric, making it fun for sewers to explore in different materials like, faux leather, cork, paper fabric and more! Moreover, this bag is the ultimate companion for school, office and so much more because of its perfect size, ageless design and convenient straps. Start the Winona Tote Bag today!


Winona Tote Bag & Cindy Cross Bag PDF Pattern Combo - 10% Off!

10% Off
Original Price: $17.50

Winona Tote Bag & Cindy Cross Bag PDF Pattern Combo

$22.01 $19.81

Prudence Bag PDF Pattern - 2 Sizes

This bag is an adorable mini baguette bag perfectly trendy for the coming summer and spring season. Coming in two different sizes, you can choose whichever suits you! With mini baguette bags back on trend, this simple yet adorable pattern is perfect bag you might try out over the weekend. It's so simple that you can make a collections of these bags in different varieties. Moreover, this bag looks great on either side, if you want to go for a pleated chic look, you can carry it on the pleated side and if you want to emulate a classic but simple look you can go for the simple back. If you want a versatile yet trendy bag, this might be your next sewing project!


Geraldine Bucket Bag PDF Pattern

The Geraldine Bucket Bag is an easy and simple bag for the lazy sewers! Designed to be made within 2 hours with no hassles of zippers and complicated pockets. Accentuating the tie-on flap with a fun and colorful fabric while having the main body have a solid color will make this a wonderful statement piece! Making this classic bag with a faux leather is recommended to achieve a sturdier look and more durable outcome. Don't hesitate and finish your Geraldine Bag today!


Harlow Mini Backpack & Lorana Bag PDF Pattern Combo - 10% Off!

Original Price: $18.00
Harlow Mini Backpack & Lorana Bag PDF Pattern Combo

$22.64 $20.37

Celine Mini Belt Cross Bag PDF Pattern

The Celine Mini Belt Bag is petite purse that can be worn across the waist with your favorite belt! Additionally, you can wear this little purse like a cross bag across your body when you don't want to use it as a belt bag. The small structure and belt holder allows you to use this bag as a hands-free bag, when your hands are full you can simply put all you important little things inside this small bag! Moreover, this mini bag can be an adorable new piece to add to your collection of mini bags! Start the Celine Mini Belt Bag now!


Rania Bag PDF Pattern

A versatile and classy bag you can carry as your everyday bag! This pattern is just perfect because of its convenient size and shape, as it can hold your everyday belongings, novels, notebooks and more! Because of its ageless design you can carry this bag in any season fashionably without worries! Moreover, by mix and matching different materials together you can achieve a different look for each season. For the spring and summer season you can match a bright patterned fabric with cork as your accent on the handle and cover. While in the fall and winter season you can choose warm earth toned colors with a faux leather of your choice! Start this versatile luxurious bag now!


Sylvia Bag PDF Pattern with Video Tutorial

The Sylvia Bag is a unique project designed for both style and comfort. With its stylish look and practical storage, this bag can carry all sorts of things without any worries! Its spacious opening allows for easy access to your belongings. Thanks to its roomy interior, and multiple pockets the bag can store a large amount of your belongings with ease. A light weighted bag that can be worn all day, this bag was designed to be comfortable for the long haul. It is not only fashionable, but convenient for your everyday use. It can be made using various kinds of materials such as suede or any common cotton fabric. Outfit yourself with this wonderful & fresh project today!


Rania Bag & Dasheill Bag PDF Pattern Combo 10% Off

Rania Bag PDF Pattern
Dasheill Bag PDF Pattern

$22.64 $20.37

Nevena Bag PDF Pattern

Who says that sewing has to be ld'outrd', when you can make something as striking as The Nevena Bag? The sharp, partial pleats and deep-set handles are what give this bag an edgy look. You can, but Don't need to, use bright colors for this bag: the design of it alone is unique and stylish enough to be eye-catching. As it is rather slim, this bag would be ideal for carrying thinner items in, such as documents and folders. It is also great for carrying wallets and small essential items. Nevena is suitable for all four seasons, and adds a gorgeous finishing touch to clean and simple outfits, such as a business casual number. Get ready to go out and amaze with this item. Make sewing the new ld'inrd' with The Nevena Bag.


Frances Bag PDF Pattern

The Francene Bag is a casually and simply designed hobo bag. With the minimalistic design and perfect size, it is recommended as your daily companion. The cut on the center adds a sophisticated emphasis that will easily match with any outfits. An ideal project for anyone looking for a casual everyday bag, due to its classic design. The Francene Bag is best can be made using various kinds of materials such as leather, suede, or any common cotton fabric. Start the Francene Bag today!


Lorene Bag PDF Pattern with Video Tutorial

The Lorene Bag is a classic bag made for minimalistic carriers, who loves to carry their bag light and efficiently. Due to its pocket on the front, you can store your small belongings such as earbuds and lipsticks in neat style. Not only the bag is efficient but is stylish for any casual outfits in your wardrobe, making it perfect for an everyday use bag. Due to its slim profile, it is ideal for wearing out on day-long trips where you only need to bring only a few essential items. A classic style piece to add to your wardrobe. Start the Lorene Bag now!


Ollie Bag PDF Pattern

The Ollie Bag is a handbag with unique gusset design. This piece offers both comfort and style with spacious room and an ageless look that never goes out of style. It's a perfectly sized bag that can be held with style and without effort. The length of the strap offers a great comfy fit on the shoulder. With the right choice of material, this bag can be either formal or casual. Great for holding makeup, books, and more, the Ollie bag boasts style and practicality. Start this elegant bag today!


Jennie Bag PDF Pattern

The Jennie Bag is a unique yet classic design you can easily carry and make! With its interesting opening, you can store all of your necessities in a quick and easy way. A project designed to be made with faux leather; an ideal pattern for the first-time faux leather crafters! With a simple yet classic design, this bag can be a statement piece that will never go out of style! Moreover, this pattern is a beginner friendly pattern that can be easily enjoyed by sewers of all levels. Carry your own Jennie Bag today!


Juniper Bag PDF Pattern

The Juniper Bag is a casual and a stylish everyday hobo bag with a zipper opening. It is a fantastically trendy bag designed for any season! A perfect project for anyone looking for a large and unique bag suitable for beginners. Its size allows for excellent storage capacity, leaving room for your basic needs. The Juniper Bag can be made using various kinds of materials such as leather, suede, or any common cotton fabric. Stylish and convenient, don't hesitate to start the Juniper Bag today!


Marcella Mini Duffle Bag PDF Pattern

The Marcella Mini Bag features a casual and trendy design that is perfect for a casual day out. With its roomy interior and useful pockets, the Gwen Bag has been structured to conveniently store belongings. The Marcella Mini Bag was made to be lightweight, convenient and comfortable for the minimalistic bag lovers. The small and compact design can also make the bag to be a great companion for traveling on planes. Start this classic and trendy bag today!


Ellie Hobo Bag PDF Pattern

The Ellie Hobo Bag is a fantastically trendy bag for any season! A perfect project for anyone looking for a large and unique bag accented with fringes. Due to its large size, this tote can be used for travel, trips to the market, books, laptops and the most important essentials! With leftover fabrics, you can create a marvelous bag by patch working them together. A perfect companion for any season, for any reason, outfit yourself with this elegant, stylish and contemporary bag today! Patterns Includes: What you need Describes each step detailed with pictures Computer drawn accurate actual size patterns Letter/A4 paper size patterns, both available. Zipper pocket install instruction provided. Magnetic snap instruction provided.


Charlene Shoulder Bag PDF Pattern

The Charlene Bag follows the style of modern bags, providing the carrier with a vast amount of space in which to carry a range of items, from small to bulky. The unique yet convenient opening provides great space and security when carrying your bag! This one-of-a-kind project is made for both convenience and charm. The bag can be made using various kinds of materials such as leather, suede, or any common cotton fabric. A perfect companion for any season, for any reason, outfit yourself with this cute, stylish and great bag today!


Marsha Bag PDF Pattern

beginner friendly shoulder bag with its unique dart on the bottom giving it the much needed extra space we all need. Interfacing is an option you can take when constructing this bag, without it the bag will have a more natural shape than with it while the vice versa will keep the bags shape intact no matter what. If the decision is not to use interfacing then it is recommended to use home decor fabric out of all the other type of materials. It does not matter what type of design on the fabric you use, anything from large print to small print can help make the pattern turn out gorgeous. At the end of making the bag the attachment of the ring will add a great glamour to it.


Elizabeth Zipper Bag PDF Pattern

The Elizabeth Zipper Bag is a unique project that can be easily altered to your liking! This bag is an eye-catching and unique piece that will be sure to add style to any outfit. Make this beautiful bag with leather, suede or cotton and still end up with a fantastic result. Start this beginner friendly bag today!


Lynn Bag PDF Pattern

The Lynn Bag is a simply made project inspired by the popular Myles Work Bag! Whether the bag is made with leather, suede or cotton, it will still end in a fantastic result. It also features a curvy and unique zipper opening. Thanks to its spacious design, it's absolutely perfect for carrying anything in an organized fashion! The bag is not only fashionable but is a comfortable and convenient companion for office environments and more! Don't hesitate and start the Lynn Bag.


Eliya Satchel Bag PDF Pattern

The Eliya Satchel Bag is a modern and classic tote style satchel bag that can easily be styled with your everyday clothes. The minimalistic design allows you to match your outfit with this bag with no worries! Moreover, this bag is specially designed to be used as a second bag when your travelling or when you need to pack extra documents, books and more! A project suited to be made with faux leather; an ideal pattern for faux leather crafters! With a simple yet classic design, this bag can be a statement piece that will never go out of style! Start the Eliya Satchel Bag today!


Kirstin Bag PDF Pattern

The Kirstin Bag is a messenger style bag perfect for beginners! This project features a simple & cute design that is perfect for everyday use. Make this beautiful bag with leather, sued or cotton and still end up with a fantastic result! The bags zipper keeps your items securely inside so that you don’t have to worry about anything falling out. Outfit yourself with this cute & fresh project today!


Millie Bag PDF Pattern with Video Tutorial

The Millie Bag This project can be made using various kinds of materials such as leather, suede, or any common cotton fabric. This novel pattern is very simple in style. This bag was designed for comfort! With its roomy interior, you can easily store your little items in and a spacious opening that allows for easy access to your belongings. Due to its convenient proportion and size, this tote it can be used for short travel, trips to the market, books, and essentials! You can make this bag with leather, suede or cotton and still end up with a great result. This bag ranges from beginner to intermediate sewing levels. Outfit yourself with this wonderful & fresh project today!


Kitsilano Picnic Bag PDF Pattern

The Kitsilano Picnic bag is a versatile and boxy tote bag for picnicking and more! The large and convenient pockets allow you store all of your picnic essentials organized in one bag. If you are a picnic lover, this bag might be your go to bag. Moreover, this bag can also be a great use for young mothers as diaper bags or even as a beach bag. The big size and multiple pockets will allow you to store tumblers, baby bottles and more! A spacious bag for picnics and more. Start the Kitsilano Picnic bag!


Cora Bag PDF Pattern

The Cora Bag! A small yet spacious bag with two large pockets on the exterior and a handy zipper pocket inside! This project features a petite and contemporary look that will add a new style to your wardrobe. A versatile design, which allows combining fabrics and colors with ease. This light-weight bag is designed for your comfort and can be held for the duration of the day. You won’t regret it! The project can be made using various kinds of materials such as leather, suede, or any common cotton fabric. Outfit yourself with this elegant, stylish and sophisticated looking bad today!


Molly Market Bag PDF Pattern

With a very unique design, the Molly Market Bag Kit is a beginner friendly project for new sewers! The pattern can be completed within an hour with ease. For most bags, it takes a lot of thinking to make sure what the person's tastes are. However, for since Market Bags do not matter much into the design factor - it is sure to become a favorite to whomever you gift it to! The Molly Market Bag is the perfect gift for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or other special days to express your gratitude


Caralene Bag (2 Sizes) PDF Pattern

The Caralene Bag sleek and modern companion that comes in two sizes. With the unique yet convenient front pocket you can easily store and access your small items. This bag is especially structured and can be emphasized with tougher and thicker material like leather, canvas, or home deco fabric. By making this project with these materials, it will not only help make the bag look good but also be long lasting due to it's a durability compared to cotton or linen. Start the Caralene Bag to gift yourself!


Gretchen Bag PDF Pattern

The Gretchen Bag is a casual and lightweight shoulder bag. With a zipper opening and perfect size creates a nice sleek fit. Additionally, the bag's strap is designed slightly thicker than our usual width; offering a comfortable and anti-slip strap. The leather bottom is stylishly and conveniently designed to be more durable in many ways. Since fabric bag's wear off easier, especially on the bottom; achieving a fashionable and handy outcome. Don't miss out and start the Gretchen Bag today!


Katy Bag PDF Pattern

The Katy Bag is an efficient every day-use-bag! Due to the many pockets on the inside, the bag can store any little items in a secure & safe fashion. The bag can also be used as a diaper bag, school bag and much more depending on your need! In addition, the Katy Bag can be held on both your hands and shoulders ? allowing you to comfortably carry the bag anywhere! Try this multipurpose bag tod


Hanna Bag PDF Pattern

The Hanna Bag is perfect for short outings with your baby, such as a quick trip to the groceries. Since the pattern utilizes webbing or leather handles, it is a very unique in comparison with the traditional diaper bags. Instead of adding zippers or magnetic snaps, attaching string inserting panels allow for easier access to the items within the bag. The panels also allow for additional space when it is full. The small yet practical size allows it to be hung on strollers easily with all the required items. The Hanna Bag is a practical bag that is recommended for beginner sewe


Jan Lunch Bag PDF Pattern

The Jan Lunch Bag is an essential for school, work, vacation, or simply for daily use. Due to its spacious interior it can fit all your lunches and snacks with no struggle. Making the lining with waterproof fabric can make it more endurable with accidental spills and leaks from your lunch. No matter what food you decide to make, you can be sure that your lunch will be secured in this handy lunch bag. The Jan Bag was intended for young students, but because of its modern design it can be used in your office too! Start the Jan Lunch Bag now!


Magdala Bag PDF Pattern

The Magdala Bag is a unique and convenient companion as your everyday bag! With its great lining pockets and roomy interior, you can neatly store your items in a organized way. You can make this bag with leather, suede or cotton and still ends up with a great result. A stylish, yet handy bag to add to your collection! The front pocket is handy addition to this project; you can store your most used belongings and documents. Its unique handle design offers a comfortable and sleek fit. Be fashionable and keep your bag in a organized fashion!


Doreen Travel/Diaper Bag PDF Pattern

The Doreen Diaper Bag was designed for mothers or mothers to be! The numerous lining pockets in the bag give it more room than the appearance. An additional bottle holder is onto the side of the back for baby bottles. The pleats give the bag room to spread and space to fit in more items. Not only is it fashionable but also stylishly convenient for you to utilize in a daily basis. Make this bag with canvas or coated fabric for a more durable and sturdier outcome. This project is a great companion for travelers with files and documents. Making the whole bag with one piece of fabric can make it a very unique bag, but making the handles and the body with matching colors is also an idea.


Vanessa Market Bag PDF Pattern

The Vanessa Market Bag was a design intended for beginners from the start to introduce new sewers to a beautiful project! With its long design, the market bag was designed to fit all kinds of items for your shopping needs. The pattern fits very well with fabrics that have vivid colors, creating a bag with an eye-catching appeal. As the perfect gift, up to 2 to 3 of these will make the perfect companion when going out to shop!

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