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2 Sizes Nori Kimono Bag PDF Pattern

The Nori Kimono Bag is a fashionable project that comes in two sizes in a price of one! It is a fantastically trendy bag designed for the summer season! Due to the its great big size this project has the capacity to hold many items in ease! Making it a perfect companion to markets, beaches and more! Store it as a market bag in your purse by simply making it with a lightweight material. It can store just about anything- from your phone to an over-sized beach towel! A great companion for the coming summer! Get your summer bags ready and start the Nori Kimono Bags!


Estefania Bucket Backpack PDF Pattern

The Estefania Backpack is a fantastically trendy bag designed for any season! A perfect project for anyone looking for a bag with great storage. A drawstring is added to the top opening of the bag, giving it a very cute pleat and easy access to the items inside. This project has spacious front pockets which allows users to store more than the average backpack! A charming backpack, simply a great project for anyone looking for a convenient and trendy bag; start the Estefania Backpack!


Fern Shoulder Bag PDF Pattern

Fern Shoulder Bag is a casual and trendy cross bag perfect for any season! With the unique front patchwork this bag can easily be a statement piece when making an outfit. A light weighted bag that can be held all day, this bag was designed for comfort! This project can be made using various kinds of materials such as leather, suede, or any common cotton fabric. This fashionable piece is not only a charming bag, but a convenient companion as well. Due to its perfect size and design, it is great from short outings to long trips and traveling. Start the Fern Shoulder Bag today!


Geraldine Bucket Bag PDF Pattern

The Geraldine Bucket Bag is an easy and simple bag for the lazy sewers! Designed to be made within 2 hours with no hassles of zippers and complicated pockets. Accentuating the tie-on flap with a fun and colorful fabric while having the main body have a solid color will make this a wonderful statement piece! Making this classic bag with a faux leather is recommended to achieve a sturdier look and more durable outcome. Don't hesitate and finish your Geraldine Bag today!


Grace Foldable Market Bag PDF Pattern

The Grace Market Bag is designed to be a market bag and a grocery bag. This project is an approachable pattern for sewers of all levels! Folding the bag and securing it inside the corner can be a handy way to store your big bag when not in use. Start on this convenient companion, the Grace Market Bag. A perfect companion for your shopping experience! Start the Grace Market Bag duo today!


Mindy Bag PDF Pattern

The Mindy Bag is a uniquely designed and simply made project that it can be worn by just about anyone. Due to its convenient proportion and size, this bag can be used for travel, market, books, laptops and essentials! A light weighted bag that can worn all day, this bag was designed to be comfortable for the long haul. Its round shape gives the bag a laid-back and mellow look that is well-suited for any occasion. Due to its roomy interior, you can carry all of your basic necessities without any worries. Due to its large size this bag not only can be used for a casual bag but also for beaches, trips to the market, books, and essentials. Make it as a gift or as a general all-purpose bag for yourself, the Mindy Bag is the one-stop solution.


MOCOZI Issue #0006 MSPZ 6 (Bags and Gadget Wallet)

Original Price: $8.00 + $7.75 + $6.25 = $22.00
This MOCOZI collection will come with a 2 Size Japanese Knot Bag, Shoulder Bag, and Gadget Wallet! The issue focuses on specific designs for beginners that feature a unique and colorful design to provide a better sense of accomplishment. All the patterns included are 45% OFF the original price and the issue features a modern sewing design, detailed instructions, patterns for various paper sizes, tips, and much more! User your favorite e-book reader such as the iPad, Kindle, Phone, or other devices to read the book. The booklet consists of 3 patterns and around 30 pages. It has been stylishly edited to match the modern sense with additional cost-effectiveness of the bundled patterns. The booklet will include a modern sewing design, instructions, patterns, tips and, interviews. MOCOZI is always open to you! The collection comes in these files.

$27.96 $15.19

Ocean Bucket Backpack PDF Pattern

The Ocean Bucket Backpack is a fantastically classic bag designed for any season! A perfect medium sized bag for anyone looking for a bag with great storage. With the handy drawstring for the opening of the bag, this not only gives easy access to the items inside but it also features a very cute pleat on the side of the bag. This project has convenient front pocket which allows you to store in a neat and fashionable way! A charming backpack, simply a great project for anyone looking for a convenient and classic bag; start the Ocean Bucket Backpack!


Sara Bag PDF Pattern

The Sara Bag is a shoulder bag with a simple yet graceful design. While the bag's shape is long overall, it has a large body that can carry many items. The great thing about The Sara Bag is that it is reversible; if you tire of one look, you can always flip it inside out and experience a whole new one. So it is a good idea when selecting your fabrics to coordinate the colors. This bag is ideal as a diaper bag or as a light picnic bag. In fact, it is good for any kind of short excursion such as a trip to the library or to the zoo. Add this lovely flowing bag to your bag collection. Let's start making it now! ra' PDF