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Tips: Things You Should Be Aware When Purchasing or Using KF Masks

04 November, 2020 - 0 Comments

For the safety of our members, I will be sharing some information that can be helpful when buying or using KF masks.

Before purchasing the mask, the first thing you need to do is to check whether or not the product is made in Korea. Because the filter used for KF masks is difficult to get abroad, you need to double-check if it’s actually made in Korea. There are many cases that it is written ‘Made in Korea’ and written in Korean, but it is not legitimate. So, you should check the distribution channels carefully.

In the process of buying masks, you may wonder what type of KF mask you should get. If you have an understanding of the type and use the right product to suit your situation and environment, you can use the mask more effectively. According to the information shared by the KMI Institute of Korean Medicine, KF 94 and 80 are classified as a medical purposed mask, and KF-AD is classified as a splash blocking mask. The KF80 mask filters out 80% of particles, based on an average of particle size of 0.6 and the KF94 mask filters out 94% of particles, based on a particle size of 0.4 or more. These medical masks protect the respiratory system from fine dust and particulate harmful substances, and have excellent performances at blocking splashes. Because the KF80 is less stuffy than the KF94, it would be better using the KF80 when the surrounding environment is relatively less crowed and using the KF94 when it’s more crowed. The KF-AD blocks 55-80% of particles, based on a particle size of 0.6 . It can protect against virus spray at a similar level to KF80 and has a great advantage that it is light and easy to breathe. It is also water-proof, so it minimizes filter damage when you sweat or get rained on. It is also a good choice to be worn even in situations where social distancing is possible, and for infected people who show no symptoms.  

And one more thing you should check when buying the mask is its size. Usually, there are small and large sizes for the size options and it is important to pick the one that fits your face for virus protection.

Regarding the number of uses, it is known that medical masks such as KF masks are usually disposable and must be worn once and discarded. For that reason, some people are a little reluctant to use it because of concerns about environmental pollution. However, many experts say that it is not necessary to wear and discard the KF mask after one use. It is said that it can be used for up to ten hours. Some doctors say that if there is no deterioration in the shape, you can use it further. However, if the appearance of the mask is damaged, the filter will be damaged, so be careful. Once used, it is better not to take it off often, and it should not be wrinkled or stained with contaminants. You should also be washing your hands as often as possible when wearing it to make sure there are little contaminations.

Lastly, when using the mask, don't put a towel or tissue on it. In addition, if the inside is contaminated, it is important to stop using it and not wash it to preserve static electricity inside the mask.

I hope that this information helped you purchase and use a KF masks. And most of all, I hope it helps you stay safe.

By Sue Kim

Product link: KF-94 Safety Korean Face Masks

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