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Tote & Cross Bag!? Two in One Bag!

09 February, 2021 - 0 Comments

The Winona Tote Bag

One of the problems I face when using a tote bag is when I’m out and about with my hands totally full. Like I mentioned multiple times in the weekly newsletter, my shoulders make my bags slip off really easily and this made me want to design this special bag. This special bag is quite useful as an everyday bag because of its convenient straps but also because of its versatile design. Moreover, the size allows you to store all the necessary things and more, making it perfect as a school or office bag. 
Whenever I have meeting or out to work, I have to carry so many things. From my portfolio, books, laptops, and more. So, having this handy bag as your everyday bag is very much recommended! You better check out this bag before the new release sale ends! 
Also, this bag is 40% off in a bundle with a different bag, while you can only get 20% off when getting one Winona Bag. Get both for additional savings! 
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