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Types of Embroidery Stitches - Daisy stitch, Lettering

05 February, 2021 - 0 Comments


1. Using embroidery floss thread through the wrong side and bring it to the right side of the fabric. The thread will be visible from the right side. 

2. Then bring the needle right next where it came out from. 

3. From the wrong side of the fabric, bring the needle to your next stitching point. Do not thread through yet. 

4. Bring the thread that is sewn from the first stitch and tuck it under the needle that is sticking out from the second stitch point. 

5. Pull the thread and it will create a loop like shape. 

6. Poke the needle just above the looped, then floss to secure. 

7. See the picture below for the finished the stitch. 




1. Transfer or trace the lettering onto the fabric.

2. Using embroidery floss, backstitch the outline of the lettering. On the curved ends make the stitch length short.

3. Fill in the empty spaces by back stitching following the same stitch direction. 

4. Repeat the same process for the rest of the empty spaces. 

5. Finished stitch 

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