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Types of Fabric - What's Chiffon?

10 October, 2020 - 0 Comments

Chiffon is a silk fabric or polyester synthetic fabric that’s very thin and light. Generally, silk is much more expensive, polyester is used more often. Chiffon is a plain weave that’s woven with relatively low density and has same thickness of warp thread and weft thread. It is used for all four seasons but it is used the most in spring and summer.

Chiffon (synthetic chiffon) has a great advantage that it doesn't wrinkle easily, having a soft silk feel. It is so thin that it can be seen through, so it’s light and flexible, but not stretchy.

Chiffon vs Georgette

The most obvious difference between chiffon and georgette is their textures. Chiffon is woven with the thread that has many strands among the same thickness of threads. So, it's more glossy and smoother than Georgette. Also, it is thinner and softer. Georgette on the other hand, is woven with the thread that has a strong twist, so it’s rougher. However, recently the two are often referred the same.


  • For clothes

Chiffon is excellent for covering a body shape, so many people like to use this fabric as a cloth. It is not only used alone but also is used with cotton or knitted fabric.

  • For scarfs

Unlike natural fibers, the fiber of chiffon is thin and long, so it has a lot of variations from thin to thick fabrics and from elaborately patterned to largely patterned fabrics. And because it is highly dyeable, it’s dyed clearly in both plain dyeing and dyed style printing ways. In silhouette-wise, it’s natural when worn around your neck.

  • For hair accessories

Chiffon made of synthetic fibers is easily accessible because it’s not that expensive so is good to be used as a material for things that can be handmade products like hair bands.

Management tips

Due to its thin materials, it gets discoloured easily by sweats and contamination; therefore, it’s good to be washed right after you take off. When hand-washing, put wool detergent in the lukewarm water, leave the fabric there for about 10-20 minutes and rinse gently. It is recommended to wash it alone as friction between other clothes and accessories makes it easy to get rid of the fabric. When drying, it shouldn’t be hung on the hanger, it should be put it on the towel. And it should be dried in shade because exposure to ultraviolet light can cause fiber damage. When ironing., because the fiber is weak, if the ironing is not done well, the shape may be distorted or the fabric may be damaged, so spray water and shake it off.

By Sue Kim

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