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Types of Fabric – What’s Cotton? Part2

18 September, 2020 - 0 Comments

There are a lot of types of cotton as it is used for many purposes. Because there’s too many, it can’t be all covered in this article, but I am going to list mainly on the types of cotton that we can access quite easily.

Cotton plain: It will probably be the fabric that comes to your mind first when thinking about cotton.  Cotton plain is organized by intersecting the warp and weft over-and-under each other and is practical because of its many intersections and solid texture.

Oxford: This is a mat weave (or basket) that intersects a thick line of weft and two thin lines of warp. It’s soft and glossy so is often used for shirts or handicrafts.

Denim: This is a fabric that is dyed with natural dyes from tropical plant’s leaves called Indigofera. Therefore, the colour of denim is naturally washed out after washing. Denim is mostly used as a material of jeans.

Gauze: It is a plain weave that uses the number 30-40 of thread. Due to its high ventilation and moisture absorption, it’s used for sanitary materials.

Canvas: A cotton fabric made from very thick thread that is densely woven usually with plain weaves.

Jersey: A general term for a material woven from a single string of yarn that’s woven by weaving knitters in a circle shape. It often used for products that are required elasticity such as socks, underwear or sports shirt.

Broadcloth: A plain weave with a goal-like dip in the weft thread. High-end products are woven into a thread of silk processing, which gives them a silk-like gloss.

Velveteen: It’s a type of velvet which is called cotton velvet in other words. Velvet is a fabric in which the textile hair from the surface of the fabric is carefully planted and is one of the pile textiles. For Velveteen, cotton is added to the weft for piles. Velvet and Velveteen are considered as high-quality fabric and are used for many purposes like a fabric for women or children’s clothes, hats, interior decoration, or chair covers.

Corduroy: A fabric woven to have goal-like dips. It is characterized by having a pile in a certain thickness and width in the direction of the warp thread and is widely used in clothes, but also used in blankets.

Voile: A plain weave, made in a twisted shape, often using threads that are numbered between #50 and #100. It is mainly used for high-end summer shirts because of its rough feeling.

Twill: A fabric with a structure in which ridges appear on the surface and the back. Compared to the plain weave, twill has higher density, so it can be thickly woven, and it is soft and doesn’t wrinkle easily.

Seersucker: A very popular and common material that is used for summer menswear. It is a material that is thin enough to be worn in the tropics and has excellent ventilation. And it is the plain weave with the simplest structure, usually made with thin worsted yarn. A single-color seersucker is often used for blazers or classic suits.  

Pique: A double weave material of warp yarn, that is partially woven with goal-like dips or small patterns. This is often found usually in knitted shirt.

We hope that the previous article and this article have helped you understand cotton fabrics more!

By Sue Kim

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