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Types of Fabric - What's Paper Fabric?

22 October, 2020 - 0 Comments

I’m going to introduce a special fabric that looks like paper outwardly but can be washed, sewn, ironed like any other fabrics. The sublime combination of paper and cloth is attractive in paper fabric.

The biggest advantage of paper fabric is that it is easy to use. From beginners to experts, everyone can easily use it. This fabric has a feeling of natural, vintage leather. Thus, it’s perfect for the people who want to use leather for their project but have hard time handling leather. Paper fabric is durable as leather, and thin and light as paper, so it’s easy to sew. It is also very easy to hand sew with as well – but drilling sewing holes with a roulette or awl will also make hand stitching even more convenient.

For the paper fabric, there’s no need to worry about getting a ladder, so it can be used without taking care of the seam allowance. You can just cut in any shape that you want. When making a tassel or card wallet, all you need to do is to cut and sew without any special techniques.

Because paper fabric is not paper but fabric, it can be washed in the same way as other fabrics. So even if it got contaminated, it can be removed clean without getting ripped.  You can just think of this fabric as the fabric on the back side of jeans. This fabric will become more natural looking, as more you wash it.

Furthermore, paper fabrics can be decorated as desired. Since the material is made of paper, you can draw the base you want freely with a pencil and eraser. You can also use stamps, stencils and fabric crayons freely. Another advantage of the paper fabric is that it not only has the advantages of paper but also has all the usages of normal fabric, like attaching snaps, eyelets, buttons and zippers to them.

Then how should this fabric be utilized? It can be used for most things that you can think of, like making props, decoration, gift wrapping, or as materials for bags, pencil cases, pouches, paper baskets, aprons, tea coaster and notebook covers!

Washing tip

It is possible to use a washing machine because it is such a tough and durable fabric but it is recommended to wash by hands for long term usage. If you want a vintage vibe with natural wrinkles, cramp the fabric after washing and dry it.

By Sue Kim

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