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Ve-Ronnie Designs

Most people would start off by introducing as to when they started sewing, but the thing is - I don't know! I've always had a passion for art in general, and sewing was just an activity that I grew up with as second nature. It may have helped to have a mother who was working in the field & a strong love for the art. As such, using my spare time to draw & design my own creation was something I found myself doing very often. From celebrity dresses, to simple tops, my art book was always full of creations that I would one day dream of designing. And to see something of my own up on the public for everyone to see is just amazing! I hope to keep doing this with the same love & care that I’ve seen my mother do for all these years. 

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Deborah Baby Shoes PDF Pattern

Introducing the Deborah Baby Shoes! These shoes feature a unique slip on design with pointed toe. Whe worn by child, these shoes wrap naturally around the foot while the front part covers the whole foot. Not only do the wizard baby shoes feel comfortable, but they also look comfortable. Additionally, the Deborah Baby Shoes can be bought in a se with Women's Deborah Shoes. Let's give our babies' feet wings to help them explore their new world!Mom & Baby's Shoes Set available


Deborah Women's Shoes PDF Pattern

When designing baby shoes, I often find myself with the urge to make a version for the moms as well - mainly because I want to try them myself! The Deborah Woman's Shoes is a fine example of this. After trying them on for the first time, I instantly fell in love. The comfort I felt from it was unmatched to any shoe I had ever tried before. To top it off, the beautiful and stylish point toward the nose of the shoes finishes them and leaves them with an oriental vibe. Start your own Deborah Women's shoes tonight!


Evan Pencil Case PDF Pattern

Evan Pencil Case is an adorable teen project that includes two different patterns for the price of one. Both patterns are suited for beginning sewers & allows for a fun yet charming project! The pencil case can also be used as a sunglasses case allowing it to be a versatile in purpose but with style. Designed with the teenage sewing audience in mind, start this simple yet charming pencil case today!


Evangeline Zipper Pouch PDF Pattern

The Evangeline Zipper Pouch is a simple petite clutch that has the perfect size to fit just your phone and wallet. Because of the zipper pouch's simple look it may look a little boring, but accessorizing it with tassel or key chains can make the bag unique and special. By using fancy fabrics it can result in a simple pouch turned into a party clutch for your special night out! Start this multipurpose zipper pouch today!


Jamie Phone & Wallet Pouch PDF Pattern

The Jamie Phone and Wallet Pouch was designed for those who Don't like to use the heavy weighted bags! It can be held as a clutch, used as a pouch, or even as a personal wallet! Because the zipper is installed into an 'L' shape it makes it easier to put in and take out items easily. The instruction on making the leather strap is also added durability. Attaching key holders on the pouch can make the bag even handier for everyday uses!


Karen Fringe Hobo Bag PDF Pattern

The Karen Fringe Hobo Bag is a BIG and stylish bag. It is a fantastically trendy bag for any season! A perfect project for anyone looking for a large and unique bag accented with fringes. Stylish and convenient, don't hesitate to start the Karen Fringe Hobo Bag now!


Magdala Bag PDF Pattern

The Magdala Bag is a unique and convenient companion as your everyday bag! With its great lining pockets and roomy interior, you can neatly store your items in a organized way. You can make this bag with leather, suede or cotton and still ends up with a great result. A stylish, yet handy bag to add to your collection! The front pocket is handy addition to this project; you can store your most used belongings and documents. Its unique handle design offers a comfortable and sleek fit. Be fashionable and keep your bag in a organized fashion!


Mia Zipper Pouch PDF Pattern

The Mia Zipper pouch is a cute and adorable project for all your needs! It can be used as a makeup pouch with waterproof fabrics, or instead by utillizing casual coloured fabrics to make it a pencil case. Using fancy fabric can make this pouch into a party clutch for that special night out! Thanks to it's large size, it can fit many small items with ease and fuss free. The pouch uses an "L" shaped zipper to close up the panels on the top. With just this one project there are so many ways to utilize the pattern!


Nicola Dumpling Bag PDF Pattern

The Nicola Bag is an adorable drawstring purse with a simple and modernly designed pattern. The extra outer gusset attached to the bag creates a refined and finished outcome, perfectly designed for the minimalists. With a unique yet essential bag, this piece can be a great companion for any outings! With its roomy interior and useful pockets, the Nicola Bag has been structured to conveniently store belongings. It is recommended to make the bag with faux leather or heavy weight fabric that can accentuate the stout design. The simplistic design allows you to quickly finish this bag within a few hours! Start this wonderful bag today!


Nina Fringe Clutch PDF Pattern

The Nina Fringe Clutch is an easy, fun and stylish project for any sewer! Learn how to make leather fringes, giving your clutch its own trendy finish. Its size accommodates all your basic necessities on your day out. Give your outfits an extra pop by adding this fall's fringe fashion trend; Start the Nina Clutch Today!


Peyton Market Bag PDF Pattern - One Plus One!

A large market bag designed to be comfortable & convenient, the Peyton Market Bag features a unique look that can be also used a stylish companion for your outings. Thanks to its roomy insides, the bag can store a large amount of your belongings or even a second bag. Start on the most convenient companion, the Peyton Market Bag today!


Sorena Fringe Cross Bag PDF Pattern

The Sorena Fringe Cross Bag is a simple yet trendy cross bag styled with fringes. Learn how to make and use fringes. Use both suede and fabric to make a unique bag all your own! It's simple, fun, trendy and beautiful! Start your Sorena Fringe Cross Bag today!


Stacy Back Pack PDF Pattern ONLY

This product is a pattern only, as such it does not include a written instruction. 253 Katie Boston Bag PDF Pattern includes a similar instruction that may assist with the pattern making process. DIMENSIONS (Approx.): 10" width x 15" height x 2 3/4" depth»


Valerie Baby Flip-flop PDF Pattern

Want the perfect children's gift to keep feet cool during the hot summer? The Valerie Baby Flip Flops are the perfect pair of sandals! I made these during the hot summer season hoping for something cool for the babies to wear. With a corsage set included in the pattern, the flip flop can easily be a gorgeous shoes. The meticulous design wraps the feet to hold the heel while walking! Start these fantastic flip flops today!


Willow Mini Cross Bag for Teens PDF Pattern

The Willow Mini Cross Bag is a project can be made easily and worn easily! By not attaching a strap, the bag can easily be turned into a simple clutch to be fit inside the bag or a simple night out. The pattern was designed for the teenage audience, therefore it is one of the best projects for a beginning sewer. Simply, the perfect size for the average teen, the Willow Mini Cross Bag is perfect to fit your make up, phone, & wallet with ease and comfort. Start this beautiful project tod

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