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Rabbit Coin Purse PDF Pattern

The Rabbit Coin Purse is a unique pouch designed to be made with felt. Making these pouches are absolutely a breeze to make and making them with felt gives them a special ornamental look. These pouches may be used for decorative or collecting purposes, making it a great present for anyone. Additionally, this coin purse can be a great activity for children! Due to its simple steps; they can easily learn how to make this adorable piece with the help of a guardian. Start the RabbitCoin Purse today!


Raquel Backpack PDF Pattern

The Raquel Backpack is simple and trendy project, specially designed to be made easily with leather. Additionally, the backpack is ideal for artists who carry bigger sketchbooks and materials. With the boxy design you can fit your books and documents without the corners folding too much. When making it with leather you can easily style it with your everyday clothes. A wonderful project for men, women, and children alike! Start the Raquel Backpack today!


Renee Purse PDF Pattern

A simple yet stylish pattern in which beginning sewers can take on without intimidation, the Renee Purse is convenient purse that can hold anything from credit cards to check books! The addition of a zipper pocket allows for an easy solution when carrying coins. By adding straps to the purse, it can easily become a casual carry around for a short trip out. The size of the purse is also suitable for girls as it is perfect for storing small electronic devices such as cellphones and iPods. As another option, you can add a key holder by attaching a loop to the side of the purse. Lock the keys and you’ll never spend eternity searching for the keys again!


Rivera Cross Bag PDF Pattern

The Rivera Bag is a unique and stylish bag designed to be carried lightly every day. With the conveniently installed exterior zipper pocket you can easily access your smaller items that are frequently used. This project is designed to be a compact and a light weight bag but it can be easily styled with your wardrobe. Moreover, it can be made using various kinds of materials such as leather, suede, or any common cotton fabric. A simple yet stylish design perfect for the minimalistic carriers. Start the Rivera Bag now!


Roseline Fold Over Bag PDF Pattern

Roseline Bag is a is a unique fold over bag with adorable pleats that compliments the stout design. Any confident beginners will be able to sew this beautiful bag and gain more experience for future projects. Additionally, by contrasting the bag with a colorful zipper, you can create a bag that is like no other! An effortless and fun project suited for all sewers, start this convenient, yet stylish bag today!


Rosita Messenger Bag PDF Pattern

The Rosita Messenger Bag is a simple yet practical bag for any occasions! A classic design with a flap and an additional zipper pocket for your convenience! Make this bag with leather, sued or just common fabric and still end up with a fantastic result. Due to its convenient size and proportion, the bag can carry books, laptops, and all essentials! Due to its adjustable strap, you can adjust it to your comfortable length! A perfect companion for anyone in search of a casual everyday bag! Start the Rosita Messenger Bag.


Rozalind Backpack PDF Pattern

The Rozalind Backpack is a unique and convenient bag. With its stylish look and practical storage, this bag can carry all sorts of things without any worries! The ideal size of this bag makes it the perfect companion for outings as it is not too big, yet not too small! It can be made using various kinds of materials such as leather, suede, or any common cotton fabric. Additionally, the bag is designed to be worn on your shoulder and as a simple backpack! Start the Rozalind Backpack!


Sally Fold Over Clutch PDF Pattern

The Sally Fold Over Zipper Clutch is party clutch specially designed for parties and weddings. Simply designed and made for all levels of sewers! Learn how to make a ribbon! A clutch that can be perfectly tucked under your arm with ease and comfort. This clutch is a stylish project that comes in two different sizes. A simple yet stylish choice for your night out; start the Sally Fold Over Zipper Clutch today!


Sapphire Backpack & Brenna MacBook Bag PDF Pattern - 10% Off!

Sapphire Backpack PDF Pattern and Brenna MacBook Bag PDF Pattern combo

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Sapphire Backpack PDF Pattern

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The Sapphire Backpack interesting design that features three different ways to carry the bag. As it is named as a backpack it can be worn on the back like any other backpack, along with the small handle. What makes this bag really special is the shoulder strap, as you can carry the bag not only on your back but also your shoulders! With the simply designed pocket design, you wonrs't have to struggle making the pockets too. But the best part is the size, its absolutely perfect for book lovers, office workers, students and more. It can easily store a few books and notes along with your everyday belonging! Start the Sapphire Backpack. A unique and convenient bag!


Savannah Clutch PDF Pattern

The Savannah Clutch is a simply designed clutch, perfect for any occasion! This project can be made using various kinds of materials such as leather, suede, or any common cotton fabric! An effortless and fun project suited for all sewers! Don't hesitate to start the Savannah Clutch now!


Shelly Backpack PDF Pattern

The Shelly Backpack is a big bag perfectly designed for big carriers and students. This project is created for men, women, and children alike! Its big size is ideal for laptops, books and more. It also features a curvy and unique gusset design. It is recommend using dark brown materials for a great natural look. The bag is not only fashionable, but is a comfortable and convenient companion for office environments and more! Don't hesitate and start the Shelly Backpack.


Siomne Pouches (3 Style) PDF Pattern

The Simone Pouches is a classically designed pouches perfectly made for any students or casual carriers. This project additionally comes with two patterns in price of one. Its large zipper opening helps fitting in large bottles to containers with ease. With various sizes it can be used in various ways, from pencil cases, coin purses, makeup pouches and more! Start this convenient yet stylish pouches now! The Simone Pouches!


Sophia Zipper Bags PDF Pattern

This is a zipper bag with cute pleats in the front and an adjustable handle that will make it convenient for carrying around. I decorated the larger-sized bag with a volumed corsage and pearl beads in order to give it an elegant look. The smaller-sized bag is a perfect size to be used as a travel-pouch. The Sophia Zipper bag's handles may also be adjusted to the desired length of between 22-26rd'. Anyone can make this zipper bag by simply following the instructions step-by-step:even those who have no experience with attaching zippers will find this an easy bag to make. Using an all-purpose zipper will make it even easier. Let's start~~


Stacey Triple Zipper Layered Pouches PDF Pattern

The Stacey Pouches comes in two different patterns can be used in two different ways! The smaller pouch can be used for your phone, cables, and other small electronic accessories. It can be held as a clutch and used as a pouch! The bigger pouch is great for holding files, papers, books and essentials! The small pockets on the front and back can be used to store smaller belongings such as pens, note pads, and even to-go cosmetics. Multipurpose and convenient pouches; start the Stacey Pouches today!


Suzy Smartphone and Card Pouch PDF Pattern

The Suzy Smartphone Pouch is a perfect pouch designed to organize your small items while holding your mobile device! This pouch can carry your device's cables, chargers, earphones and other practical items. The Pouch is specially designed to hold the ever popular iPhone. With its easy access smartphone pocket, the wallet also includes a zipper to securely store and keep your belongings! The Suzy Smartphone Pouch is perfect for those who always lose their important little items in the large bag. Start your own today!


Teddy Bear Coin Purse PDF Pattern

The Teddy Bear Coin Purse is a unique pouch designed to be made with felt. Making these pouches are absolutely a breeze to make and making them with felt gives them a special ornamental look. These pouches may be used for decorative or collecting purposes, making it a great present for anyone. Additionally, this coin purse can be a great activity for children! Due to its simple steps; they can easily learn how to make this adorable piece with the help of a guardian. Start the Teddy Bear Coin Purse today!


The Lana Zipper Pouches PDF Pattern

Including 4 different pouch patterns, the Lana Zipper Pouches is a combo package for all your outing needs! As a perfect companion for your purse, the pouches are a sure help to organize & clean up all of your needs. With two pouches - the pleats & plain - and each coming in a large & small version, there are a total of four different pouch projects included. The small pouch is best fit to hold little accessories such as pencils and hair pins while the large pouch can fit the cosmetics! Suitable as a gift or for your personal use, start making the Lana Zipper Pouch today!


Tijuana Weekend Bag PDF Pattern (#1589)

The Tijuana Bag is a casual travel friendly piece designed for the summer season! Use leather to make the bottoms and corners more durable during travel! The bag's convenient pockets can easily store water bottles, beach towels, and more. The Tijuana bag is perfect for a beach bag, diaper bag, or just for traveling in general with provide portability and comfort. It can be made using various kinds of materials such as suede or any common cotton fabric. Moreover, this bag is designed for both convenience and charm! Start the Tijuana Bag today!


Trish Laptop Backpack PDF Pattern

The Trish Laptop Backpack is a multipurpose backpack with practical storage and stylish design. This fun project can fit up to a 15rd' laptop. The laptop pocket strap secures and makes sure that your device doesn't shift in the bag keeping it safe. This bag is designed for all men, women, and children alike! The bag is recommended to students with laptops and text books. With or without a laptop this bag is equally convenient. A project everyone will certainly enjoy making and using! Start the Trish Laptop Bag today!


Wanda Tote Bag PDF Pattern

Wanda Bag is a bag that can store just about anything- from your phone to a laptop! Beginners can take a shot at this bag with mild difficulty because of its simplicity. Worried about the leather straps? No problem! The leather used in this bag can easily be substituted with webbing and it would result in just as a great finish. In addition to the bag's over-sized storage capacity, the accessible pockets on the front and back make it easy to get small belongings in and out of the bag. Talk about convenience!


Wendy Zipper Pouch PDF Pattern

The Wendy Zipper Pouch is a useful and a very pretty zipper pouch with attached loops to allow easier carrying and handling. Because of its particle design it can have multiple purposes from a cosmetic pouch to a pencil case. For sewers who feel like they are ready to jump from the beginner skill-level to the intermediate sewer group then this is the perfect pattern to test your skills! Unlike many other zipper patterns, the process of attaching the zipper is quite a lot easier. The final ending for the pattern is done with bias binding on the lining.


Willie Double Zippered Boxy Bag PDF Pattern

The Willie Bag is a boxy cross bag for the casual bag lovers. This piece was inspired by camera bags with great one hand openings that can come in handy on a daily basis. The zipper pulls and wide opening is a unique yet fun addition added for convenience and style. The spacious design and wide opening, this bag can carry the basic necessities without any struggle. Moreover, the Willie bag's wide opening allows you to search for your belongings in swift and easy manner. Start the Willie Bag today!


Yuni Messenger Bag PDF Pattern

The Yuni Messenger Bag features a casual and stylish design that is perfect for everyday use! Its spacious pleated front pockets and lining pocket divider make this bag a great option for carrying your belongings on your long school/work day! Thanks to the numerous pockets provided in the bag, it's absolutely perfect for carrying anything small to big in an organized fashion! Moreover, this bag can be held by hand or can be carried on your shoulders, allowing you to comfortably carry the bag anywhere! A bag that's not short on its own share of pockets and space! Start the Yuni Messenger Bag now!